Weight Loss

In July 2012, I weighed 204.4 pounds and my size 18 pants were tight. I had a Come to Jesus moment with myself and decided to change my life. So I did. I lost 60 pounds in 10 months and wear size 6 jeans now. I’ve also run 2 half marathons. No one is more amazed than me. Because I am a lazy wench that loves French fries and Dr. Pepper. If I can change my life, anyone can.
Seriously. Anyone can. Any. One. Can. I know what it’s like to think that’s just a cute thing to say to be encouraging. It’s not. It’s an honest to goodness true fact.

I didn’t use any specific weight loss program. I just tried to stop eating crap I knew was bad for me. So I stopped hitting the drive thru and started drinking lots of water. In the beginning, that was a successful day. When that felt less painful, I started tracking my calories on my phone and aimed for 1500.
Then I started moving. In the beginning I just walked. And not even fast. Then I tried running. Because it burns a lot of calories, I did Couch to 5K with a free app on my phone and I’ve been running ever since. That doesn’t mean it’s easy or that you’ll have fun while you’re doing it. But if you trust in the program and do what it tells you, it will get you running. I could barely get through 30 seconds of running when I started it.

I look like a sweaty, panting train wreck when I work out. I’m not naturally athletic and none of it comes easy to me. And I still think Dr. Pepper tastes great ice cold while eating a greasy cheeseburger.

But I don’t care. Because it’s not about looking cute while I run or about any of it being easy. It’s also not about being perfect. Because I’m not. It’s just about doing better than 204.4 pounds. If I am, it’s a good day. And if it’s not, I keep coming.

I’m in the best shape of my life. I weigh roughly the same as I did before kids but I was a size 10-12 back then. I was amazed when the new and improved me fit in a size 6. But I still have a muffin top I affectionately call my Jelly Belly and my arms are like wet noodles.  Proof that you can still be a work in progress regardless of your size. And I hope I always am.
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