Take your panties off and let's wrestle

Today, like everyday for the last month, was very hectic at work. I started the day with a long to do list. Then I had a stupid surprise task that line jumped on all the other stuff on my to do list because it Totally! Had! To! Be! Done! By! Noon! Then I resumed my regularly scheduled to do list stuff and zoomed right to the end of my day. On the bright side, my days fly by. On the downside, I'd like to know how I'm supposed to find time to call and yell at my insurance company.

So I was pretty happy to finally leave work. I was mentally planning to cop out and do cereal for dinner while laying in bed watching Survivor. I was thinking lights off. I was thinking snuggly peacefulness. I was thinking smooth sailing ahead. Too bad it was shredded pillow to match yesterday's shredded sheet ahead:

Even floppy eared puppies are significantly less cute when they are sitting in the middle of a cloud of what remains of a perfectly good pillow. And that may or may not have been a 400 thread count pillowcase he generously freed the stuffing from.

I don't know for sure because I walked right passed that madness and pulled on my candy cane pajamas. Not because I'm gearing up a little early for Christmas but because cereal in bed is best eaten while wearing pajamas. Pairing them with a threadbare well worn T-shirt and you've really got something to say for yourself. And, let me tell you, I've really got something to say for myself tonight.

So it was cereal and Survivor here I come. Except the kids didn't get the memo. First, there was commando puppy wrestling:

Commando as in what the hell happened to that kid's panties and why is he Greco-Roman wrestling without them? Then while he was busy torturing the new puppy, my daughter dismantled our retro futon by shoving the mattress pad off so she could use the frame as an indoor jungle gym:


Sights I was too busy to photograph include cleaning up three puppy accidents on the carpet (would it kill him to have his accidents on tile or wood laminate?), my son doing laps with the Shop Vac vacuum tube draped around his neck like a feather boa and the step ladder being used as a diving board in the hallway. I'd love to stay and share more of the hurdles standing between me and the evening I had planned in my head, but I've got to go confiscate the dog food bowl before anyone gets hurt. And by "anyone" I mostly mean my house. The dogs and kids are fairly indestructible. Too bad our house isn't.


auntie said...

I'm sorry to say that this post made me laugh! Hope things calm down a bit for your weekend.

rachel said...

Hope you were eating something tasty, like Lucky Charms or Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs!

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