Things I have been busy doing in lieu of writing on my blog

1. Working. It's been hectic. Projects. Coworkers out of town leaving the rest of us to keep the boat afloat. Blah blah blah. But everyone's going to be back this week! Whee!

2. Finishing The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. So. Um. Yeah. I guess I hated it. Which is bizarre because like 4/5 of the book was just lovely. I felt like I really knew the characters and wished I could live in Wisconsin and raise dogs with them. And I'm not even a live in Wisconsin and raise dogs kind of girl. But the ending was six million kids of annoying. Pretend you've been watching a six hour build up to a Lord of the Rings-esque epic battle of good and evil and then someone tosses a giant atomic bomb right in the middle of the battlefield so then the battle’s over except everyone that's waiting to see who wins is just standing around looking at the carnage going, Huh? What just happened? And then it's over and you don't know where anyone's going to go from there and you're all, I just wasted 4 days of my life on this crap. What the hell. In summary, good, good, good, good, what the hell.

3. Signing up for Netflix. I know. You've been a member for a million years and you can't believe I'm such a loser. But, dude, I held out until 2008 on the Ipod. Of course I hadn't signed up for Netflix yet. Love it. Currently watching the first season of Entourage. Hello. Can't believe I ever thought keeping track of the return envelope would be too much work for me. Also watched Stepbrothers. We laughed out loud a lot but it was really juvenile. Although, is it just me or does "juvenile" sort of go without saying. And 27 Dresses. Very "eh." Although I see why everyone likes Katherine Heigl. She's charming. But the movie was "eh."

4. Going to lunch with my husband. He unexpectedly popped by my work and offered to buy me a sandwich. When I got back, one of my employees wanted me to rate it. I explained that the taking you to lunch maneuver is all about the gesture not the sandwich Dude had me at hello when he pulled up to the curb.

5. Having a parent teacher conference with the newest Kindergartner's teacher. Told you I would. The teacher was really nice and managed to work into the conversation several times how smart my baby is. I'm sure the cult requires them to say that to all the parents but I'm an easy sell so I bought into it. We also went over lesson plans for the month so we'd know what to work on with her and I attempted to pretend I'm not overly neurotic about school related stuff. She may or may not have bought my act.

6. Buying new Ikea Malm dressers for our bedroom. Five of them. Two small ones for nightstands and 3 medium sized ones to line up in a row as one big wall unit looking thing like they show in the Ikea catalogs I often wish I could live in. Not as much as I wish I could live in a Pottery Barn catalog but still. After assembling five Malm dressers over the course of two days, my husband and I are ready to start doing some freelance work assembling other people's Ikea crap for them. At one point we were timing ourselves to see how quickly we could get one together. For the record, 36 minutes. That included a bathroom break, a lost screw, someone getting hit in the head with a drawer and flinging crackers at our children so they'd stop complaining about how we never feed them.

7. Cleaning up after our new puppy. After a brief honeymoon period in which Bruno lulled us into a false sense of security by not chewing on anything we value, he's begun wreaking havoc. Two days in a row we came home to find that he had dismantled the trash can and shredded the contents all over the house. I particularly enjoyed the day he did that when the Verizon guy was following us into the house to fix our internet service and we all got to find the destruction together. Like shredded crap everywhere isn't embarrassing enough we discovered the bedroom reeked thanks to a certain floppy eared someone using my closet as their toilet. The Verizon guy's at the computer and we're three feet from him lighting candles and crawling around on our hands and knees picking stuff up. Including my chewed up reading glasses which Bruno apparently took off my nightstand because he mistook them for a side of beef. Puppies are so fun!


notevenatshirt vb said...

Glad you had some time to come up for air! :)
LOVE netflix. Tried to live without it for a few months and promptly went back. We just watched stepbrothers as well and even though I normally love Will Ferrell, I HATED the movie. So much of it was just so unnecessary.

rachel said...

I totally agree about Edgar Sawtelle! I felt terrible about not liking it, after Oprah went on and on and on about how it was a modern classic, blah, blah, blah. I actually donated my copy to the Salvation Army b/c I KNOW I will NEVER want to reread it. Glad you hated it too.

carosgram said...

You HAVE been busy. You might try crate training for the puppy. It will certainly help while you are out of the house. Thinking of you and wishing you the best

Delaney the Undead said...

I agree with the crate training...it works miracles if you can stick to it.

as for IKEA...im hoping everything with the dressers turns out well. It seems like everything I end up buying from that place breaks :)

Ree said...

Shhhhhh. I don't have a Netflix account.

Poopy the puppy is convinced that when we're eating grapes, we're really having pork loin and ribs, so I can so totally see where your puppy would think reading glasses = side of beef.

Ameda said...

Loved this post as it kind of describes what I actually do in my daily routine, good work! keep going.

Anne said...

Oh, now we can trade puppy stories, we adopted a black Lab/Husky mix, who looks just like your pup, only with one blue eye. She likes to chew.

I'm glad you mentioned Edgar Sawtelle, I was going to read it, now I will pass.

You can rent old episodes of the Dog Whisperer from Netflix.

Christine said...

And that is why we don't have a dog - according to my husband. Oh well. Glad you are back for a few minutes :)

Christine said...

And that is why we don't have a dog - according to my husband. Oh well. Glad you are back for a few minutes :)

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