My one year old son screamed for hours last night. Literally. Eventually, I sat down and watched American Idol. My husband, who has been out of the parenting trenches for three weeks continued to comment intermittently on the screaming. Not me. I was over it. It’s not like I left a screaming child out in the front yard to freeze to death. I deposited a well fed, clean, freshly diapered child in his crib at bedtime after no amount of Baby Orajel, Tylenol, ear drops, rocking, walking, sitting, back rubbing and singing seemed to improve his teething overtired state of mind. If I held him he’d push away to try to get down. If I put him on the floor he’d flop around screaming some more. So be it. It’s a milestone as a parent when you discover that you have the ability to proceed with life as normal while your child screams.

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