Please don't ask me to explain voltage

Our dishwasher waited until my husband was out of town to stop working. I verified this by slamming it shut repeatedly and mashing all the buttons. It still didn't work. Nice. My husband handles the repairs around here. It doesn't make me a bad feminist to admit that. I'm just not mechanically inclined. I once revealed this to my husband in a shockingly idiotic discussion about voltage by asking if maybe you could just charge something twice to get more voltage. I know. He thought that was the stupidest thing he'd ever heard, too. Again, not mechanically inclined. I'm okay with it.

I've been putting off calling a repairman for two days now. First, because it was a holiday weekend. Second, because I sound like a moron every time I have to deal with a repairman. The previously cited voltage stupidity being a fine example of what I'm capable of. Despite putting off the call, I'm actually praying the thing can be fixed. The only thing more pathetic than me talking to a repairman is me picking out a new dishwasher by myself. I'm guessing "cute" isn't an important selection consideration.


CakeHead said...

Haha, it's ok to be mechanically c hallenged. Things are kind of opposite in my household. My husband is the pretty mechanically challenged. We bought one of those radio controlled car things for our son for Christmas and it didn't work. He took that thing apart and still didn't get it to work. We traded it in for one that ended up having the same problem. I had had enough, opened the controller, tweaked something and VOILA!

a happier girl said...

Wow. You should drop by my house. I've got a VCR that doesn't work and like three different remotes we can't program. Oh, and of course the previously mentioned dishwasher. We'll gladly pay you for your services in goldfish crackers and sparkly toe nail polish.

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