Cake on the brain

I've been doing some online shopping today. Mostly browsing. Mostly more brainstorming for my soon to be four year old's quickly approaching birthday. I was still stuck trying to decide on a theme so I finally just went ahead and asked the birthday girl for ideas. First I asked if maybe there was a particular animal she likes. Monkeys briefly seemed like a possibility but then this super cute Martha Stewart monkey cake creeped her out. She says it scary. Whatever.

Then we chatted about my fish idea. I got a big fat "eh" out of her on that. Then I showed her this giant oversized cupcake cake pan. Fun and cute and kind of all purpose! But the size of it was lost on her. She thought it looked like every other cupcake she's ever licked the icing off of.

I finally bit the bullet and asked if she'd like a pink cake. Duh. A Pepto pink birthday it will be. Now I'm just debating cake ideas. Seems like I could do most anything in pink. Maybe the previously mentioned giant cupcake with pink icing and a big old #4 candle on top. Or maybe a number 4 shaped cake with a clever pink pattern on it. I'm leaning toward the number 4. But it's still early.

What I do know is that there are many, many cakes I wish I got to make this year instead of the Pepto cake. Like this ice cream cone cake pan. Super cute. My only concern is all the icing is on top. So how do you eat it? Specifically, how do you get some icing in each bite? Because I'm very pro-icing.

And back when I was still thinking underwater thoughts, I found an octopus cake pan. It's impressively detailed. But I'm thinking it'll take a lot of work to make it look that good. And I'm thinking maybe I'm not up that. I'm into super cute cakes as much as the next girl. I'm just not into marathon decorating sessions.

I also found a pan that makes little cakes that you can jab a stick into and they look like Popsicles. I'm thinking summer pool party. I'm thinking icing in assorted Popsicle colors. I'm thinking cutest thing ever.

My soul is also telling me this airplane shaped pan is in my future. It's just a matter of brainwashing a kid into liking planes. While I'm at it, I'll also be brainwashing someone into liking pirates. I've already got invitation ideas picked out. But I'll have to wait until after Pottery Barn Kids puts their pirate birthday collection on sale because $39 for a map tablecloth is ridiculous no matter how to die for cute it is.


Michelle said...

Ha! I've been working on five-year-old birthday plans for September : ) Unfortunately, all the birthday girl is interested in is Dora. I'm soooooo tired of character themed parties. I've been informed there MUST be two cakes - one of Dora, one of Boots. I found a Dora Pan, no problem, but now I have the unenviable task of transforming a Disney Tigger cake pan somehow into a cake of Boots the monkey...

If you're just bored with the pink idea and have ever worked with fondant, here is the cake I WANTED to do... It is all things pink and much cuter than Dora if you ask me.


I wish you luck in your cake search and in your attempts at talking a four-year-old into an inspiring party theme : )

P.S. You'll probably have to cut and paste the link together in our browser. If you've never worked with fondant, it's really not as difficult as some people say.

~Virginia~ said...

Okay...truth? The monkey cake is a tad creepy. Maybe he just needs a bit more of a smile or something. Hope the final outcome goes well! :)

kate said...

i say serve watermelon, pink lemonade, raspberry smoothies, strawberry yogurt, and bubble gum while listening to pink floyd; let them watch the classic "pretty in pink"; play pin the tail feathers on the flamingo; play musical chairs to music from Pink (you know, the singer); and send them off with goodie bags of breast cancer awareness ribbons and pink nail polish.

by the way, thanks for the comment on my hot tub dog, superfun.

Damselfly said...

Yeah, I thought the same thing about the pirate stuff too.

The monkey cake *is* cute, but it does sort of look like his head is on fire ...?

Must be hard to keep coming up with something. For my baby's first birthday, I'm just going to make cupcakes.

a happier girl said...

michelle - Every cake on that website is sooo pretty! I got a couple ideas for pink patterns I could use. Good luck producing Boots!

virginia - Yeah, my mom agrees the monkey is a little odd. And I'm pretty sure mine could never have looked as good as Martha Stewart's anyway.

kate - I like the pink ideas! I'm thinking fluffy pink cotton candy and the pink lemonade you mentioned!

damselfly - Someday I'll have my pirate party. And yeah, I have to say birthdays have really escalated around here. My daughter's first birthday we made a farm cake that was mostly green with some plastic animals shoved into it. We've come a long way.

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