Thanksgiving is my husband's favorite holiday. He loves turkey. He loves cranberry sauce. He loves turkey and cranberry sauce together. And if he can eat it while he watches football put a fork in him he's done.

I enjoy Thanksgiving, too. Just not the way he does. I like having the day off. I like spending my day off with family. But I'm generally not into the food. I despise gravy. Which helps me save calories but leaves me only moderately impressed with turkey. I mean, it's okay. But I wouldn't run into a burning building for it or anything.

I also hate cranberry sauce, green bean casserole and pie. And for most of my life I hated stuffing, too. Even the various stuffings people have sworn up and down would be the best stuffing I ever tasted. My husband never swore his would be the best. He just made pork chops and stuffing one day and I loved it. He pulls rabbits out of his hat like that all the time.

I think it's charming that I only like his stuffing. Much like his smile is the only one I like. I'm thankful for him. Today and everyday. And the home and family we share. And the good health we're fortunate enough to enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving from me to you.
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