Why I'll still be getting mail in my maiden name til the end of time

Still productive. Still energetic. Still think there’s no way it will last. But it’s super awesome while it does! There’s nothing I can’t accomplish! Except maybe get my insurance company to fill a prescription. Chick at the evil HMO told me today that I had to know the name, strength and dosage of my prescription before they could call my doctor to verify and authorize it. I knew the name but not the dosage. I suggested they ask the doctor for the dosage when they call. Because, you know, the doctor wrote the prescription and ought to know that sort of thing.

Insurance company chick did not see my point. We went back and forth for awhile. Part way through her third explanation about how they have to know what they’re asking for I finally felt the wall I was hitting my head against and let it go. This is the same insurance company that refuses to change the account to my married name. They keep telling me my employer has to change my name because they base their records on my employer's records. Which is odd since my employer knows my married name. They pay me in my married name. For four years now. So what's the haps? There's nothing I can do on my end. They swear there's nothing they can do on their end. I guess we've reached an impasse. Mostly I've agreed to stop trying to run up the down escalator as long as they pay my insurance claims.

Besides bickering with insurance company chick #1, I also finished moving into my new office at work, filed the giant stack of paperwork that’s been sitting on my “to be filed” shelf for 4 months, cleaned out my email inbox and ordered the kitchen set Santa will be depositing under the Christmas tree for my kids. And I may or may not have found time to ponder who will be “out” tonight on Project Runway. Tomorrow, if I maintain this level of energy, I'm going to build a small guest house in the backyard and cure world hunger. On my lunch hour. It's great to have energy.

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