Santa shops on eBay like the rest of us

I did not enter any stores today but I did do some hardcore damage to my credit card. Since realizing Christmas is less than a month away, I've been spending some quality time with my old friend eBay. I've won six auctions in the last 7 days and I'm closely monitoring 3 more. I also ordered crap from Old Navy, Gap, The Company Store and a store I refuse to name on the off chance my brother reads this because it will reveal what I'm giving him for Christmas.

On the downside, I think I may be addicted to online shopping. I figure that's a bad thing in June but socially acceptable in December. On the upside, I'm actually making progress on my Christmas list. Too bad, every time I cross something off I think of something new to add to my list.

It used to be a mental list inside my head. Then it started getting so long it was giving me a headache. So now it's scribbled on the back of scrap paper. The newest Kindergartner has been attempting to decipher it ever since she noticed her name on it. She likes to come by and stare. She's also tried acting casual and making conversation about it. I'd feel bad for her except when I tried asking her what she was going to ask Santa for she told me she couldn't tell me. She says it's supposed to be a secret. Hopefully "secret" is code for "I can whisper it in your ear later but I can't tell you in front of him." Because Santa can't very well shop online if she doesn't know what she's shopping for, now can she.


Shan said...

I love shopping online! I just wish there was a greater selection of Canadian retailers that had online shopping or more American companies were willing to ship to Canada. Even still I shop the heck out of my favourite Canada friendly websites.

Parker said...

I too love online shopping. It saves my time and money.

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