Headband Night only seems odd when you're posting the photo on the internet

Just in case anyone thought I was kidding about my crazy gift card making kid, here's a photo of her most recent creation for a princess dress up party:

Wait. What's that? Doesn't look odd to you? Not even the wacky Russian nesting doll key chain she randomly decided to tape to it? Fine. Here's the gift card unfolded:

That's the birthday girl's name at the top. All the other names are just kids she knows. A handy list in case the birthday girl needs to call roll sometime I guess. Here's the back of the gift card:

Hearts. How sweet. Sweet but crazy. I have no idea where she gets it. Let's see if we can figure it out. Here's a photo of her father standing on the roof talking on his cell phone:

Dude was taking down Christmas lights. Phone rings. He answers. Makes perfect sense. Nothing out of the ordinary, people. Move along. It's also possible that crazy is infectious. Because here's what Headband Night looked like at our house a couple weeks ago:

What's that? You don't have Headband Night? That's so odd. Just think of all the perfectly good headbands in need of homes. Get on it.


Childlife said...

Seems I can always count on you for a good giggle -- I am indebted!

And not to crowd your monopoly on crazy or anything, but I my resident six-year-old could quite happily keep pace in the crazy notes department. And I won't even tell you some of the places I have found certain individuals chatting on the phone around here.

Your brand of crazy makes the blogosphere a much more entertaining place to hang out.

Kris said...

Headband night! That is hysterical. I'm instituting one immediately.

auntie said...

Your family is so cute! Looks like you have lots of fun together. Headband night is one of those things your kids will always remember.

Paper Dolls for Boys said...

I will stop pasting your blog with my comments now but I seriously want to party with you people. My brand of fun!

And I'm still laughing about the, "Trying out for Russel Crowe's part..." in the last post.

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