The couple that picks up poop together stays together

My husband and I both had the day off yesterday. As both kids still had school, I promptly declared it date day and began brainstorming fun ways to spend the day together. My husband promptly declared it the perfect time to pick up all the dog poop in our yard and suggested I get up off my butt and help. So I did. Feel the romance that is our life.

Afterward, my husband rewarded me by allowing me to tag along with him to the grocery store. Then he took pity on me and we did lunch out. I'd make fun of our lunch out except the place had great salsa and it was so pleasantly free of non stop interruptions from small children. Stories were told without stopping and starting. Picking seats didn't require any negotiation. And no one stuck their hand in my water glass.

It was nice is what I'm saying. I enjoy looking at his face across the table without anyone sitting on my lap blocking my view.

And by the time I picked the kids up from school, I was delighted to see their faces and eager to hear every word that fell from their lips. Because there's a lot to be said for a day off.

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