Day 32: Making the best of our time while trapped in car dealership hell

Thanks to damage during a recent storm we had a car totaled and have been shopping for a new car. On the downside, we're here to report that cars have gotten very expensive in the six years since we bought our last car. On the upside, we located the World's nicest dealership bathroom, dumped buckets of foam blocks on each other, our children covered an entire hallway in the dealership with foam puzzle pieces and our sit down chat with the finance guy should be a sitcom. He tried to tell us about some warranty and my husband and I told him we're the human equivalent of a brick wall and wouldn't be adding anything else on. We swapped jokes for 15 minutes about what a great value he was trying to offer us. But the best was when my husband listed my occupation on the actual paperwork as "el capitan." Guess that's not one of his drop down categories in the computer so he tried to professionally ask us to clarify.

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Veronica said...

Was stuck at the car dealership myself this week. I was lucky enough to get to go without the kids though which helped SO much!

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