This Week In Reality Television: Bravo Overload

I stayed up past my bedtime to watch the Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta show about the owner Lori having breast cancer.  Seriously, tearjerker in the warmest and fuzziest way.  Seriously, in a sea of fame whore reality people, she seems so normal and nice.  Like, I have no interest in selling wedding dresses for a living and yet I kinda sort wish I worked for her.  She seems like the sort of boss that notices when you're having a bad day and gives you a hug.  I would also enjoy working with Monte.  And Robin.  And I'd clearly rather work in the Atlanta shop more than the original New York/Kleinfeld's.  It was a moving show is what I'm saying.   And the bride that got a dress was neat, too.   Or more specifically, her husband.  We should all aspire to have a husband that sees a beautiful dress and says it needs to be more sparkly and bright like us. 

Less tearjerker is the current status of the Real Housewives.  I'm glad the New Jersey season is over.  Teresa makes me start to doubt humanity.  Even after Kim D. set up Strippergate and said Teresa  knew about it ahead of time, Teresa still acts like she just thought "something" was the general something dramatic that always happens at the fashion show.  Kim D. also admitted that she set it up to make Melissa look bad but Teresa isn't even slightly made at her.  She's still busy blaming all her family problems on Melissa.   So stupid.  She really is one of those people that blames all her problems on other people.  Nothing is her fault.  Everyone else is to blame.  It's nuts.  And annoying.  She needs to go away.

Over in Miami, I also question humanity but mostly because these people are actually hanging out with Joe Francis from Girls Gone Wild and some consider him a "great guy."  For example, at one point Marysol, who I normally consider the voice of intelligence, high fived Joe Francis.  Something has seriously gone wrong when the smartest one in the bunch is high fiving a scum bag.  And Joanna needs to give up drinking socially.  She clearly doesn't handle her liquor well.  I'm not saying Adriana had any right to hit her, but I do think you reap what you sow.  So if you're busy yelling and chasing people down, it's a little crazy to act shocked when the person turns on you.

I only watch the New York version off and on.  That means it's not programmed in my DVR but I'll periodically catch myself watching it if I'm flipping by and it's on.  I blame my refusal to add it to my DVR on Ramona's bug eyes and the fact that the show includes someone that clings to her prestige as a Countess.  I can't handle either one.  I also think Ramona is stupid.  I like Carole though.  She seems like she'd be fun to hang out with.  Specifically, I could do happy hour with her.   I could probably do lunch with Aviva but not much more than that.  Although, technically, I'm good at getting along with most people so I think I could successfully do lunch with Joe Francis, too.  Especially if the food is good.  But Aviva is a little much for me.

And does anyone else watch Flipping  Out?  I think I'm addicted to Jeff.  He's abrasive but fun.  For example, the drinking game at Jenni's wedding.  Holla.  He's officially invited to my happy hour with Carole!


Veronica said...

Yep, I watch them all. I agree with you on all points except I can't stand Aviva though (I think I feel a bit stronger about it than you). She put me in the position of actually *LIKING* and taking sides with Ramona this season! HA! I found that kind of funny and ironic.

And yes... Flipping out? Watch it religiously. I think Gage is getting himself in trouble with Zoila. He's stepping a little hard on her toes. But I think Jeff is a big, snarky brat and I love every minute of it.

no way said...

I had to write...I am watching the "Lori" special of the Atlanta show right now, and I am a teary mess. I love this show, although I am the least bridal/bridesmaid-y girl of all time. It's not my thing...but I do love "Say Yes..." in all its' forms. I actually thought Lori, Robyn, and Monte were siblings...they sort of resemble each other. Glad to know I am not alone in my love for this show. Go Lori!

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