Weekly Workout Recap: I'm back baby!

I'm back, baby!  The exploding calf from hell rested its little exploding self until Saturday when I took her out for a spin and felt no pain.  Yeah, for successfully not acting like an idiot and trying to come back from an injury too early.  I won't lie.  Wednesday morning my calf didn't hurt when I went down the stairs in the morning and I seriously thought about running.  And then I said, self, that is how you screwed up last time.  Chill.  And then I did.  And then Thursday morning, it felt just a little bit better than the day before and I again talked myself down from the ledge and stuck to walking.  Friday was the most tempting day of all.  But I decided that Saturday was the perfect day to start afresh and then I did.

Since I was off track for 2 weeks on my 10K training, I knew there was no way I was ready to plug away on Week 10 Day 3 which requires you to run 12 minutes five different times with walking breaks in between each interval.  No way.  So I rewound and started week 10 over and finished 10 minutes five different times with walking in between each interval.  It went fine.  The second ten minutes was actually the hardest interval.  I think mostly because of the two week break.  The voices in my head telling me to stop were the loudest at that point and made some good arguments about how I should maybe rewind further and start week 9 over instead or maybe even week 8.  I told the voices to shut the hell up and pushed through. 

I logged 40.1 miles for the week.  Mostly walking but I'm okay with that.  Because I finally feel like I'm back in the game!  It gave me such a burst of confidence I signed up for my 10K graduation race.  Laid down the cash and everything so I better be ready by January 12th!

I also made a good effort at merryplanksmas planking.  I realized by day 3 that doing it every day was not feasible with my wet noodle arms.  So I've been letting them rest a couple days in between and then going as long as I can again.  This week I successfully stayed up for a minute and a half while overseeing my first grader writing a book report. 
I was feeling pretty good about myself, too, right up until my camera girl decided it looked easy and knocked out 2 minutes.  Nice.  It also inspired the book report writing first grader to throw down just under 2 minutes, too. 
His sister would like it noted that her brother' form was terrible often resembling an an L instead of straight line which she happily shoved back into place for him.  I would like it noted that if I weighed 50 pounds like them I could plank the hell out of both of them.      

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I nominated you for a Liebster Award. http://www.writethisdownamy.com/2012/12/liebster-award-nomination-say-what.html

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