Non Scale Victory: Farewell, XXL

I like to put laundry off until every article of clothing I own is filthy.  Recently, that led to me pulling an old workout shirt out of the back of my closet.  I wore it to go running and all the extra fabric by my sides was actually annoying me the whole way brushing my arm repeatedly.  Talk about a stupidly distracting issue. So dumb.  And yet, I'm here to report it's annoying.

But when I got home I couldn't resist the smile it put on my face to realize it was an XXL.  I started out wearing that size when I started my health kick back in July at 204.4 pounds.

The cheapskate that lives inside my soul buys my workout gear at Target.  All the same style loose fit Champion for $12.99.  Ever so attractive gray.  It's pretty hot stuff.
The XXL hangs off me now.  And that's pretty great.  To celebrate, I'm going to try on a size M next time I'm at Target.

My mind will officially be blown if it fits.  Yeah, for fun days

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Hollie said...

That's awesome! I hate laundry too :) I love the story the pictures tell, showing all your hard work right there!

jonesyjl2 said...

XXL to a Medium!!! That is so amazing. And the way that large fits, you might need to try on a small.

Katie J said...

That is so awesome! You look great! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing :)

Melinda Ott said...

What a great NSV! Congrats!

Kathryn said...

Wow that is awesome!! I love hearing success stories like this. So inspiring! Stopping by from SITs, hope you have a great weekend!

Shan said...

That is fantastic! Good for you!!

ABC Mama said...

I found your blog @ the Sat. sharefest. This is so inspiring. I am at MY starting point. It is awesome to see that doing the work will pay off! Good for you!
Thanks for posting.

Khloé Belle Gadson said...

Don't you just love that!
Good for you...!

My exercise clothes are starting to fit me a little big but not enough to go running to get the next size. I still have 40 pounds I'd like to let go off.

Madalyn W said...

What a great accomplishment!

I am a new follower of yours from the link up at KTJ!

Have a wonderful day!



Lori said...

That is a GREAT accomplishment! I am totally inspired. :D

Keep it up...those size Mediums are wonderful.


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