Project 365: Day 36 to 44

Day 36:   Mucinex is a sick girl's best friend when she has crud that won't go away for two weeks.  Mucinex will make you feel capable of driving your kid to volleyball.  Mucinex will make you not rip someone's face off when you realize you left your lunch at home and it's going to be a long hungry day at work down the hall from a vending machine full of yummy Cheetos.

Day 37: Lost tooth!  That's this kid's third lost tooth.  His best work was the tooth he lost somewhere on a soccer field.  But I did enjoy that this tooth came out after bedtime and that he had to eagerly deliver the bloody mess to my bedside. His sister pretended to take an interest in the tooth excitement because it was a perfectly good excuse to get up from her bed.  Next thing you know, it's a bloody tooth party in your bathroom an hour after bedtime so why not take a photo while you're at it!

Day 38: Practicing piano.  She's not bad.   And there's something quite lovely about listening to her practice while I'm making dinner in the other room.  Her most requested tune is the classic, Take Off Your Shoes.  Sort of Nora Jones-ish.  I'd include a photo of her brother practicing, too, but that implies that he actually practices which he really doesn't.  Let's all agree to not tell his piano teacher.

Day 39: After school craft class.  It was coffee filter collage week.  My baby must have confused "collage" with "glitter explosion."  She mentioned that one of the teachers thought it was a little heavy on the glitter.  I think the teacher confused "heavy on the glitter" with "pouring an entire jar of glitter on her picture."

Day 40:  Waking up a nine year old and seven of her closest bear friends.

Day 41: Four days after he lost his third tooth, another loose tooth was identified.  Somebody's already counting the cash he's hoping to get from the Tooth Fairy. 

Day 42:  Shredded crap everywhere thanks to our wonderful dogs.   I don't know about you but I can't think of anything I enjoy more at the end of a long, hard day at work then crawling around on my hands and knees picking up little pieces of shredded crap.  It was definitely a stroke of genius on their part ripping up a 1000 piece puzzle box.  Well played.

Day 43:  My son picked out a lovely silver heart locket to give to his beloved momma for Valentine's Day.  Then his sister saw it and thought it was great and decided she needed one to match Momma.  Then her biggest fan decided he wanted to match his big sister and didn't want to part with the necklace.  And then my husband asked what kind of operation I'm running while he's out of town because that looks like a distinctly feminine necklace on his son. 

Day 44: No trip to the grocery store is complete without hitting the holiday section.  Thankfully, she didn't even have the nerve to suggest we buy the bear.  She did however subject me to this photo session and has it as her wallpaper on her iTouch. 

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