Project 365: Day 60 to Day 70

Day 60:  Somebody bought himself what appears to be a scratchy wool scarf for his head.  He's very proud of this purchase. I'm assuming this is gun related outdoorsy crap that my pacifist heart would never understand.  There can be no other possible explanation for why he'd be excited to be wearing a babushka.

Day 61: Somebody's sad to watch the nomadic husband pack to hit the road again.

Day 62: Someone is not himself when his daddy is out of town.  He was supposed to be exiting the car.  Instead he climbed in the back to hide out for unknown mopey reasons.

Day 63: My daughter and I tried to continue our Girls on the Run during her brother's soccer practice but it was mostly just Girls Giggling and Twirling and Rambling while strolling as slow as humanly possible.  She had the nerve to look surprised when I told her we'd only made it .83 miles.

Day 64: Mancala at bedtime.  I'd never heard of the game until my kid came home from school talking about it a couple years ago.  She's a certified mancala shark now with a killer opening move that takes a full 30 seconds to complete.  If she could do the move a little slower I might be able to memorize it and steal it. Must be part of her cutthroat strategy.  I like that Barbie and Wobbles the pig are supervising our game.  I also like that my classic 1980s Barbie dream pool is in the background in all it's faded missing pieces glory

Day 65:  I can't imagine what my 7 year old found so funny about the title of this book at his school's book fair.

Day 66:  Superman flying over me on the bed.

Day 67:  Grocery shopping on Friday night.  Feel the glamour that is my life.

Day 68: 2nd soccer game of the season and my kid kicking.  They actually won for a change which is always more fun than getting crushed. And, yes, they are the fruits in the neon yellow/green.   They're above average hideous uniforms for cutesy official team photos but I defy you to not be able to figure out what field our team is playing on from the parking lot.  While you're wandering around trying to find the right field, we're hauling butt straight for the blinding ray of neon.

Day 69: A hot bath to celebrate my uber pasty white legs successfully running a whole 10 miles.

Day 70:  March Must Have Pop Sugar box.  It included some fancy laundry detergeant, a bottle opening, a sweater saver, some emergency fashion tape (think ripped hem you'd like to tape up until quitin' time), Peeps, some mascara and some nail polish.  My daughter snagged the necklace and has been wearing it ever since.  Her brother called dibs on the Peeps.  And I'm looking forward to trying the mascara.  My personal pedicurist says we'll be taking the nail polish for a test drive at my next appointment.  I look forward to wiping it off my foot as she swipes wildly at my toe nail.


sugarplums andlollipops said...

Hey there! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Yay! Check out my blog for the details. www.sugarplumsandlollipops.blogspot.com

Karyn Busch said...

I love your humor! And I have a 4 1/2 yr old and a 7 year old too (both boys) and for some reason they limit their vocabulary to innappropraite bodily functions an/or parts. Sigh...

Hollie said...

Hey there, I love that you are running with your daughter. I want my daughter to try to run with me. I read your girls on the run info. I need to tell my daughter about that, maybe that will motivate her :)

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