Project 365: Day 71 to Day 78

Day 71: Sickling.  In my bed maximizing the spread of cooties throughout the house. She's the only kid I know that can successfully come down with a 101 degree temperature to start Spring Break.  It sucked to be her.

Day 72: Painting! Lots and lots of paint all over my kitchen.  But happy, happy babies.  A good mother would say it was worth all the paint everywhere.  Since my heart is cold and black, I'll just reiterate that there was a lot of paint in my kitchen.

Day 73: A classy hand down his pants scratching his butt while he watches television.  His father would be proud.

Day 74:  Leading me in the Tango.  And he really did lead.  Too stinkin' cute.

Day 75:  Build a bear dress up event.

Day 76:  Another soccer game with the team in the dayglo uniforms. Happy St. Patrick's Day to me and my extra chin.  Note to self: That is the worst camera angle ever.

Day 77: Socks and panties.  Scampering through the kitchen.  Someone's ready for bed!

Day 78: Fake Ipad in hand while watching television.  It's never too early to learn to multitask and have the attention span of a gnat.


Robyn said...

Looks like ya'll are having some fun quality time...Last picture is TOTALLY me, I can generally be found every evening with my tablet in front of the tv, i'm not proud, but hey, its my free time :)

Anna P said...

That paint thing would drive me nuts too! I am SO not a 'kid-craft' person. The mess makes me a bit twitchy... =)

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