Project 365: Days 98 to Day 118

Wow!  I'm actually still in it with this Project 365 thing.  Tragically behind and hanging my the skin of my teeth.  But in it!  

Day 98:  Laying flat on my back being subjected to "stretching" by my 9 year old in a public park during my son's soccer practice.  Classy.  My husband would like it noted that this crazy little apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  He may or may not be referring to a running joke wherein I attempt to crank his feet back behind his ears as "physical therapy."

Day 99:  Walking together in the park. She's insane but I'd be lost without her. 

Day 100:  Paparazzi shot courtesy of my 7 year old while waiting for his sister to finish her piano lesson.  On the bright side, I like the way the curtains fall and that I genuinely had no idea I was being photographed.   On the downside, 4 chins.

Day 101: Hell on Earth Justice (popular pre-tween clothing store in malls across America) sells volleyball shirts.  This is very good news if you are 9 and are currently obsessed with volleyball. The fact that she can't spike yet does not diminish her love for this shirt.

Day 102:   A heartwarming note from my son.  And I quote from the author, "I am gone for ever so do not look for me.  You do not like me or love me that is why I'm leaving."  And to prove he was truly dead to me, he addressed it to Kim instead of Momma.  Nice. 

Day 103: Waving at complete strangers out the car window en route for Frozen Yogurt.  I find it interesting that my insane husband found this mildly embarrassing whereas I encouraged the random friendliness.  Interesting.
Day 104: Another Saturday, another volleyball game.  Another volleyball game, another loss.  Her team is good enough that they're playing up a grade level so we all keep reminding ourselves it's not about winning or losing and that you don't get better crushing easy teams.

Day 105: Chilling after fro-yo. There was a creepy but cute photo bomber on the loose. 

Day 106:  Practicing serving during her brother's soccer practice.  I lucked out and there were high winds sending all her serves back no matter how hard she whacks the hell out of it.  Winning.

Day 107:  Legos in the morning, Legos in the evening, Legos at supper time.

Day 108: A 9 year old visitor in the middle of the night thanks to bad dreams.  Perfect recipe to get me bed hogged to the edge of the bed and terrific night's rest.

Day 109: New bike.  Same goofball Angry Birds helmet.

Day 110: School carnival.  Wheeeeeee!

Day 111:  Soccer game.  Two thumbs up.

Day 112: I said I wanted to take a picture of the ladybug he made in art. He said it should be on his head when I take the picture.  Naturally.

Day 113:  What's a girl got to do to get to brush her teeth alone for a change?

Day 114: Somebody won a scooter in a raffle at school.   I was the voice of doom and gloom pointing out that 3 raffle tickets up against hundreds probably wouldn't get him the scooter.  The eternal optimist was confident.  He also ended up being right.  Shows how much I know.

Day 115:  The new scooter owner convinced me to drop him at the corner so he could scooter the rest of the way to school.  High level cute.

Day 116: Still riding high on his raffle ticket won scooter.  Brushing his teeth while riding through his parent's bathroom in underwear and socks.

 Day 117: Everyone fixated on Mario on the Wii.  It is the activity of choice every time my brother comes to town.  I'd make fun of it except this was the weekend we finally completed World 8 after having been stuck for several months on a level with rolling waves of lava and a screen that constantly keeps moving.  I totally understand if your eyes just glazed over reading about that.  But it was big news.  Hard earned through countless hours yelling at each other.

Day 118: First time in an H&M for both of us.  Dropped a quick hundred and will no doubt be back many times. 

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Shan said...

Ugh, justice gives me hives!

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