Medicated and Watching Crappy Reality Television

I have a daily medication that I take and the prescription ran out last week. Because I am lazy and slow on the uptake, I didn’t realize I was running out until late Friday night, needed the doctor’s authorization for a refill and it would be Monday before that happened. Then I promptly put it out of my brain figuring I’d get the friendly CVS computer calling me Monday to tell me it was refilled.

Except I filled the prescription last time at a different pharmacy than my usual one and I was trying to get my usual one to fill it this time. There’s some hole in getting that done that requires you to speak to a live human being employed in the CVS pharmacy. I didn’t know that and stupidly waited for that friendly CVS computer system to call me. It didn’t. Therefore, I didn’t even realize I still didn’t have the prescription.

Tuesday night I realized I’m a total idiot. Er. I mean I realized I’m a bigger total idiot than I previously thought. The medicine isn’t life threatening or anything. It just made me irritable without it for 4 days. So by Wednesday morning I was hell on wheels. I mentioned it to my husband and that everyone in my general vicinity should look out. I was a girl prepared to tell everyone I encountered exactly what I thought of them.

I laughingly told a couple colleagues this at work. One immediately thought it was the perfect day for me to stop being nice and finally hit up another team to bend over backwards to help us with something. Another thought maybe I should just stay quietly in my office and work on things that didn’t require email or talking to anyone. That would mean filing my nails and texting my husband all day. I wasn’t aware that my employer wanted to pay me to do that for 8 hours.

I decided to just try hard to take a deep breath before I spoke to people and read all my emails 3 times before hitting send. I guess I was successful. But for all I know there was a lynch mob in the break room busy plotting my death. Who knows. I was just glad to go home. And pick up the finally refilled prescription.

Then I laid in bed watching as much crappy reality television as possible. Last night, my DVR was on top of its game serving up a nice selection.

First up was Million Dollar Listing New York. Frederick should have his own show. He is the real deal when it comes to selling. I’m sure he’s high drama to deal with. For example, I can’t imagine being roommates with him in college and trapped in a confined space with all his energy. But he has charisma oozing out his ears and he’s super sharp about buying and selling real estate.

Ryan is amusing. Lonely and needs to get some friends maybe. But amusing so he can stay. And Luis seems to have wandered onto the wrong show. I think he thought he was trying out for Real Housewives of New York or something. He’s just not on Frederick’s level. I’m not sure Ryan is either. But I know Ryan is a helluva lot closer to Frederick’s level than Luis.

Luis is like the scholarship kid at the fancy prep school and Frederick is the old money kid with a dorm named after his grandfather. I don’t even understand why Luis is on the show. He is the definition of trying too hard. In everything. And it’s annoying. He also seems to think he’s more charming than he really is. I would not want to buy a house from him or have him sell my house.

As a longtime Bridezilla watcher, imagine my delight when I discovered Bridezilla Marriage Boot Camp. It’s what happens when the wedding is over and the Bridezilla couples actually have to live together and make their mortgage payments and change diapers.  Holy crap there are some train wrecks headed for divorce. But it’s entertaining to watch them attempting to work on their issues.

Speaking of issues, I’m also watching Toddlers and Tiaras. I am still fascinated by the sub culture of pageants. Last night’s episode featured a 2 year old kid that appeared to use random shrieking as a form of communication in response to perfectly normal questions. Repeatedly. And sometimes there was grunting, too. Mildly alarming. Next time you start to wonder if you are raising heathens and that you are a failure as a mother, you should watch an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras and feel better about your parenting. For example, yes, my 7 year old requires stitches in his head at least once a year and has been known to wear the same socks 3 days in a row. However, he does speak in complete sentences using words. So that’s something.

My children would also like it noted that we are watching America’s Got Talent. It’s our watch it together as a family show.  Used to be Wipeout but we've matured since then.  We are three episodes into this season and my husband is predicting the guy with the guitar singing the song he wrote about his alcoholic dad will win. What’s interesting is that we’re not singing his song in the kitchen while we make breakfast. We reserve that honor for B-double-O-T-Y. My husband is lead rapper. I’m the hype man. It’s quality entertainment. So is explaining to your kid what a hype man is. Other popular acts we are highly in favor of include the dancers that made a whole shadow production, the three dancers with the umbrella and the mariachi band singing Flo Rida songs. I’ve also asked my husband why he doesn’t sing Bob Dylan songs to me in the kitchen like the country guy because that’s seriously some sweet stuff.

My husband and I also watched Whodunit the other night. It’s like a reality show version of Clue and above average stupid. We saw the preview and I decided it would be date night and we would turn off our lap tops and cell phones and watch it together. Thumbs up on the date night without the computers and phones. But we need a new show.  Shouldn't be a problem!  According to my DVR, Big Brother starts again soon.  Holla!

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