Project 365: Day 119 to Day 134

Holy crap, I'm behind on this.  Let's just agree to not discuss it and do some photo dumping.

Day 119:  Fourth grade outfit of the day.  Pushing the envelope mixing prints.  And bright.  Naturally. Her favorite color is currently neon.  So this is pretty tame is what I'm saying.

Day 120: I'm told these are Yu-Gi-Oh cards.  My 7 year old assures me these are very different than the 340 million Pokemon cards he also owns.  My husband was confused I let him purchase these at Target.  I was confused that my husband doesn't understand that once the kid runs out of Christmas money he runs out of excuses to ask to go shopping again.
Day 121: More volleyball.  Sigh.  Still playing up a grade.  Still no wins.   Is it wrong to also still be reminding myself that at some point they will have to run into a team of 5th graders that suck?

Day 122: Her brother loves volleyball practice.  Can't you tell?

Day 123: School play.  We were able to score a photo op with one of the stars of the show.

Day 124: April Pop Sugar box.  Eh.  I'm now convinced I signed up for these boxes during some late night depression shopping while my nomadic husband was on the road.  It's fun to open the box to find out what I got.  But I'm such a picky pants I end up not really using most of it.  And then a box of extra crap in the house just seems like an extra box of crap I have to figure out what to do with. 

Day 125:  Stop taking my picture and leave me alone.

Day 126: Mother's Day flowers.  My husband would like it noted that he swiped his credit card to purchase these. I would like it noted that I picked the color and was standing right there when he swiped his credit card.  I'm okay with it.  Pretty flowers are always fun to get.  My daughter stitched the little bear together with her own 2 hands. 

Day 127: Evening stroll wearing the new 12 foot scarf my daughter hand finger knit for me for Mother's Day.  When I commented that it was kinda thin for a scarf she explained that that's why she made it so long.  So you could loop it round and round and round.   Duh.

Day 128: My chauffeur is handsome.

Day 129: Talking to Granny on the phone while laying upside down.  As a side note, let's all take a gander at my bed now resting on the floor instead of a bed frame.  My husband and I hate our bed.  In a sudden burst of genius, we became convinced it was the bed frame torturing our souls not the mattress.  Several weeks later, I'm here to tell you the bed frame had nothing to do with it and I'm still sleeping on a bed that's on the floor not a bed frame.  On the bright side, we've eliminated under the bed as a option when the remote is missing.  On the down side, we look pretty raggedy every time I see it.   

Day 130: Daddy's hair salon.  Where the customers get put to work helping to hold the sections of their braid.  I don't think Tabitha would be impressed with the customer service. I love that his nutty clientele thinks it's cool enough outside to justify a long sleeve shirt and yet warm enough for wind shorts.

Day 131: My kid's on the orange team.  Something tells me this game isn't going to go well.

Day 132:  Making out with the world's most annoying dog.  On our mattress on the floor.  Did I mention it's still on the floor? Because it is.

Day 133: My last Popsugar Must Have Box.  I liked the Mindy Kaling game but have yet to play it.  My husband ate the chips.  We had to get new credit cards recently because of some fraudulent charges made on our card.  When the Popsugar people emailed saying I needed to update my card to continue my subscription, I took it as a sign from the universe that I was done getting them.  They're cute.  I just can't handle extra clutter. My life feels like enough of a clutter magnet as it is.

Day 134: A little fist pumping during the car wash. Starships by Nicki Minaj is his jam.  Milkshake is his beverage.

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