Tales from the Mall

This week marked 6 weeks since my 9 year old convinced us to let her get her ears pierced. She did some careful calendar watching for 6 weeks and has been one eager beaver for the day to arrive she could change out her earrings. I found this amusing since I knew she didn’t actually own any other pairs of earrings. Eventually she put 2 and 2 together and realized that, too. So then we started discussing when we could go to the mall to pick out earrings.

Technically, she did attempt to convince me we should shop for earrings the day she got her ears pierced. I deflected the request by pointing out she wouldn’t be able to wear them. The shelf life for that excuse was limited though.  Poor long range planning on my part.

We made the rounds in Claire’s no less than 3 times. The first time was a quick survey of the store's inventory to see what we were working with. The second time was to be sure we didn’t miss anything. And the third time was to be as OCD as possible.
If you are capable of spending 30 minutes in Claire's without wanting to try on some of the wacky glasses, I'm concerned you aren't human.  That is entertaining stuff. 
 kept myself entertained by trailing along behind her holding the ones she had picked up as possibilities along the way . I also did a lot of sightseeing. I’m here to report Claire’s sells a wide range of crazy crap. I guess I thought their customers were mostly 12 year olds. Then I wandered past the display of piercing related jewelry. My daughter just thought the other earring had gotten lost on all of them. I also discovered that Katy Perry has line of fake eyelashes.
I didn't realize I needed to worry about my 9 year old wanting to glue on fake eyelashes.  Super.
My daughter settled on a lovely assortment. 24 pairs in all thanks to buying a couple of sets. My favorites are the watermelons which she wore last night while we were eating watermelon. She tried to tell me she needs some piano ones to wear for piano lessons. I said I need “I’m not made of money” ones to wear when she tells me things like that.
It's not a trip to the mall if there's no cookies involved.
Changing the earrings out ended up being more of a production than I expected. The backs on those first earrings they put in stay on really well. I guess that’s intentional so they don’t fall out and the holes close up on anyone accidentally. But they were so snug certain people were paranoid I was going to rip their ear off getting the back off. We stopped 4 different times to keep tears and freaking out at bay. And then it was done.
Attempting to take it out herself. 
She’s still building her confidence at putting them in herself, too. I can’t believe I ever worried about having to clean this kid’s ears for her. What I should have been worried about having to do is having to change her earrings for her every morning. This morning was starfish. It didn’t even require a back on it and just slipped in. 5 minute operation. What on earth.
Still smiling because I haven't started pulling on her ear yet.
And for anyone that may have noticed I have less hair on my head in any of those photos, kudos to you on your sharp eyes. It’s not your imagination. There was some haircutting going on. At work I keep telling people I shed my winter coat. I guess I think that’s funny and I am incapable of just nodding and smiling.
It’s embarrassing to admit that I probably hadn’t gotten a cut in a year. I seem to make a habit of putting off getting my hair cut until I am full blown shagadelic and putting my hair in a ponytail all day every day.
The before mug shot.  I know.  Split ends central.
A trip to an actual hair salon for a cut and style was one of my mini goals when I first started my health kick last July. I never seemed to get around to rewarding myself and doing it. But I finally did. Holy cow it’s lighter and cooler. I celebrated feeling good about my new do by trying on some clothes I normally wouldn’t look at twice in my favorite new size. Size 8.  And it fits.
Liked the color but thought it made my chest look flat or droopy or something.  Didn't help there was a full on shrieking child in the dressing room 3 doors down and her mother was clearly just plowing ahead trying on stuff despite that for 10 deafening minutes. 
I didn’t buy anything. But then, I didn’t really need to. The new cut combined with seeing myself in a Size 8 is my idea of treat all by itself. 


Shan said...

My 11 year old was the same when she first started changing her earrings. I'm happy to say it was a phase that didn't last long and now she very happily changes her own earrings eleventy billion times a day. The seven year old I fear will live her entire life with those original earrings in her ears and because of a goof they don't even match. Oh well they aren't bugging me about them so I can't complain.

And the hair looks great!

Amy @ The Diary of a Fat Mommy said...

Congrats on the size 8 and the cut looks GREAT! If I were in the dressing room 3 doors down I would have been the crazy mother threatening her kids and yelling. LOL! I. can't. deal! And btw... this line made my day: I said I need “I’m not made of money” ones to wear when she tells me things like that. LMFAO!

Anonymous said...

The new cut is awesome! Too cute! SITSGirls.

Michelle said...

nice haircut! and congrats on the size 8!

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