Conversations in my house

While watching America's Got Talent lately, NBC has been shoving commercials for a new police drama down our throat repeatedly.  The show is called Ironside and the conclusion of the commercial is the main character super dramatically saying that's what they call him on the streets.

I am the equivalent of a parrot and incapable of not repeating any super dramatic line I hear.  Needless to say, showing me the same commercial repeatedly is going to get the line repeated.
Me:  On the street they call me Ironside.
9 year old daughter: On the street they call me Ironside.
7 year old son: On the street they call me Joe. 
 Joe is not that kid's name.  It doesn't even sound like his name.  But apparently it sounds like good street name to him?  Interesting. 
Leroy Brown, Ironside and Joe.  On the streets.  Naturally.
Meanwhile my husband announced that his street name would be Leroy Brown.   He also seems to think we can't have two Ironsides because that would just be confusing.  So now they call me Pony Bear on the streets.  Holla.

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Nikki said...

Ok. That was funny. Sounds like something my goofball son would say. Sounds like your family is as nuts as mine! lol


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