Don't feed the caged animals

It's raining, I'm tired and someone in my house told my DVR not to record the finale of Big Brother.  Before I head off to interrogate my family to identify the culprit, I leave the interwebs with Five on Friday.

1. I’ve been on a project at work that required me to be in a room with 2 other people for 6 full days.  We did 3 days.  Then there was a week long break and we resumed our regularly scheduled programming.  And then we did another 3 days.  

By the end of the 6th day, I was like a caged animal frantically clawing at the lock.  I was ready to eat my young and trample anyone between me and the door.  I may or may not be exaggerating.  The truly strange part is that I wasn’t really doing anything in that room that I wouldn’t normally be doing and the other 2 people were a actually a pleasure to spend time with.   Apparently, the moment you tell me I have to be somewhere for an extended period of time, every instinct in my body just automatically wants to rebel and escape.   
2. This week is almost over.  Few things are better than the realization that there’s only 1 more day until the weekend.  My children’s many activities have begun to gear up for the fall and they all decided to start gearing up this week.  I’m the idiot that signs these kids up for this crap so I really have no one else to blame for our hectic schedule.  And yet I rarely let that stop me from complaining.  2 things on Monday.  1 on Tuesday.  2 on Thursday and 2 on Friday.  And my daughter’s volleyball team hasn’t even started practicing yet.     
The star volleyball player planning her outfit for practice and half a yoga ball.  I don't always photograph my children but when I do I always throw half of a random object into the shot to be sure no one thinks I know what I'm doing. 
 3. I'm hoping my daughter is actually on a volleyball team.  The registration for the league she plays on doesn't charge your credit card or confirm that you submitted it right until just before the season starts.  A rocket scientist clearly designed that process.

We're still waiting to hear from her coach so we'll know for sure she got on the team she loves.  I am currently going full OCD trying to remember if I did in fact register her back in July or if I have managed to screw this kid over by forgetting and the sign up period being closed now.  I’m currently 87.6% sure I did register her.  On the other hand, I’m 99.99% sure that if I’m wrong, my daughter will make sure I live to regret it. 
My current favorite song thanks to the stupid hamster Kia Soul commercial.  Coincidentally, this is also what I look like on 3 hours of sleep and attempting to not physically harm anyone.
4. I only got 3 hours of sleep on Monday night.  I have been paying the piper ever since.  I blame the lack of sleep on a new book I was reading (Me Before You by Jojo Moyes).  I started it over the weekend and had 60 pages left Monday night at 11:30 and threw caution to the wind.  They were a great 60 pages right up until it was 1:00 in the morning and I was frantically trying to convince myself to fall asleep.  Nothing sucks quite like counting the hours of sleep you will (or will not!) be getting and knowing that every second you don’t fall asleep is one less second of rest you’re getting and picturing the level of exhaustion you will feel in the morning growing exponentially as each second passes. 

On the bright side, while laying awake picturing the death and destruction of a day spent operating on 3 hours of sleep, I decided it was time to give Spark another test run and I’m here to report I sucked some down pretty much all day Tuesday.  I’m feel confident I was one wired wench but I was a wired wench sitting upright and speaking in complete sentences.  Winning!
Cadbury Screme Eggs.  Get it?!? The rabbit with the hat is a nice touch.
 5.  Did it seriously take the Cadbury people this long to realize they should branch out to other holidays?  And more importantly, please tell me they plan to have an equally cute name for the Christmas Eggs their marketing department hopefully has in the works.  My Jelly Belly would also like to know if they'll be cranking out some pumpkin shaped Mini Eggs.  My brain and utter lack of self control is hoping they aren't.  

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Morgan S. said...

I saw those Screme Eggs too and was like - great...it's bad enough I just have to avoid them in the Spring...now Fall too? I just don't think the "egg" fits in with other holidays, but somehow, consumerism and marketing will manage to make it work out for them. Following you from Five on Friday!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Cadbury eggs are so good :)

Seriously Kate said...

I'm so glad you stopped by Seriously Kate because now I can follow your blog!

My little man is almost 3. We're not quite to the crazy hectic schedule. I sort of look forward to it. :) I always played sports so I'm kinda hoping he takes to something.

I hope for the sake of all involved, you did in fact sign her up! :)

Have a great weekend!

Nicole Shea said...

Haha I bet I'll sound like that once my kids (only have 1 now but will hopefully have more) are old enough to be in sports!!I already scatter brained enough!
Newest follower from the 5 on Friday link-up! :)

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