Off to build a snowman against my will

1. On top of it being Friday which is by definition the best day of the week, my kids and I won the lottery and got a snow day, too. School and work are closed and everyone is in their pjs destroying the house. My kids are trying to convince me to go make a snow man out of some seriously hard snow. I'm trying to convince my kids we should all be mute and just lay in bed reading all day. So far, they're winning. Darn it.
This is where the snowman should go, Momma!   Hurry up and get out here!
2. My Christmas tree is not up yet. I feel like if I don't get it up this weekend I'll be completely behind the game. One might think a surprise snow day might be a sign from the universe to get her done. One might be forgetting that I'd rather spend the day in bed reading. Plus, my schedule is already pretty booked up with the snowman I'm going to be forced against my will to go outside and build with my children. I'm likely to get pants wet and lose feeling in my toes. That will require some recovery time. The recovery time is likely to involve the bed and a book. I'll count it as a victory if it doesn't involve Oreos, too.
It is not your imagination.  That snowman appears to be leaning over.  That would be my son attempting to perform a take down.  Because we're not enough of a train wreck at the movies as it is.  We definitely need to knock the snowman display over on our way to the popcorn counter. 
3. My brother and I took the kids to see Frozen last weekend. I thought the whole movie was about the stupid snowman and wanted to avoid it like the plague.  But it not. And it's actually good. Especially the music which is strikingly lovely.  It's also funny and heart warming.  Who knew?  The kids loved it, too.  As if anyone cares what they thought.  But if you have kids, you should take them to see it. You will not want to kill yourself part way through it.   So jump on it.  Leave the movies that make you want to die for someone else to take the kids to.
One piece of rope securing it.  Because why waste time on a second piece of rope.  Genius.
4. I drove past a guy on the highway recently with what appears to be a mattress and box spring on the roof of his 4 door little sedan.  We were in traffic going 60 miles per hour.  I must be getting old because all I could think was the $50 this jerk saved not renting a u-haul is not worth someone's life.  What the hell, dude.  In what universe is that a good plan?  In what universe did I become old and crotchety?

5.  In other WTH news, if you are in the market for a reindoor holding a shot gun to put in your front yard to celebrate Christmas this year, Walmart has them in stock.  Nothing says Santa and the birth of baby Jesus like animals holding guns.  And if reindeers aren't your thing, no worries.  You can get a penguin one instead.
I know all about the Walmart Christmas section because Clark Griswold has had me in there 3 times already browsing the latest innovations in Christmas lights.  I made the mistake of leaving a bucket of his lights at work over Thanksgiving and he tried to claim I'd single-handedly sabotaged  our entire light display for the year.

We took a field trip into our attic to visit the other 47 strands of lights we own including 13 unopened boxes purchased on sale last year after Christmas.  Every Clark Griswold in my office totally took his side when I recounted this story later. Something about those being "the good lights." Whatever.  

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Aleshea said...

Glad y'all are having fun. I'm growing crazy being stuck in the house with all this ice

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