I must have been pumping gas during the opening ceremony

1. I want to tell you that my 10 year old shattered my soul the other day and I may or may not be scarred for life. I was issuing the nightly pjs and toothbrush proclamation and my daughter responded by asking me, “Momma, were you ever fun?” I immediately reevaluated my life, who I am and how my children see me. My husband immediately laughed long and hard identifying it as emotional blackmail to delay bedtime.

Me thinks someone needs to go to be early tonight.  Who's the fun one now, kid?  Huh?  How you like them apples?
2. I want to tell you that I’m confused that people are competing in the Winter Olympics already but we haven’t even sat through the long boring opening ceremony yet. You know. That ceremony you watch so you can decide who has the cutest team uniforms. Or maybe that ceremony you watch to see if anyone will ever be able to top that time Spain lit the torch by shooting an arrow and risking the guy possibly choking and missing wildly to the left. I’m also confused about this team figure skating nonsense. When did that become a team sport? Was this Russia’s idea? Because there’s no way Australia was like, yeah, let us get our butts kicked a little extra in figure skating. I’m no Scott Hamilton but I’m here to say they had that medal on lock down last night with their Men’s and Pairs. Boom. But I am not in favor of those Russians just padding their winnings with an extra medal. It’s not right. Let’s start a petition.

3. I want to tell you that it snowed yesterday where I live. We get snow maybe a handful of times a year. Naturally, the gas light in my car comes on pretty much every single time. Much like it magically comes on every single time I’m running late for something. It’s also a known fact that if my husband is going to borrow my car, he will discover the light on despite the number of times he has explained to me why it is bad to play the gas game. I’ve also been known to borrow his car and leave it on empty. I swear I forget to fill up. It’s not intentional. I’m just a space cadet. Really.

This is the face of a man who cannot believe the number of times his wife has been caught driving around town with the gas light on.  This is the face of a man who has explained to his wife repeatedly why any reasonably intelligent person would stop doing that.  He doesn't want to hear any crap about how cold it is, either.  He walked uphill in the snow both ways to get to school.  He almost lost a finger to frostbite and you want to complain about swiping a credit card and climbing back in to wait until the tank is full?  Suck it.  That's what he has to say to you.
 4. I want to tell you I’m over Shahs of Sunset. In fact, it’s hard to even remember what I liked about that show to begin with. Asa doesn’t interest me. G.G. has too much time on her hands and thinks anyone that speaks to her sister is evil. She seems sweet enough but the diamond water thing comes across pretentious. Mike seems to not have a job but shops for expensive engagement rings. If he spent as much time making money as he spends talking about how he needs to make money, that might help. And M.J. consistently wears clothes that don’t fit her. I’ve officially deleted it from my DVR schedule.

5. I want to tell you, I am not over Real Housewives of Atlanta. In fact, I’ve been very annoyed they haven’t had a new episode this week. Either that or my DVR is toying with me. But that fight at the pajama party last week was straight up cray. First, because Nene invited a lot of people that don’t get along so what did she expect was going to happen. Then she was slightly obnoxious walking back and forth in front of everyone. And then Kenya’s friend lost his mind. And then so did Apollo. In the preview last week, Kenya’s friend claims that breaking someone’s rib is an automatic felony. That’s pricelessly ridic. I need to see more. Stat. Like he didn’t do anything to ramp up the crazy that led to the broken rib. And I’m concerned about Cynthia’s marriage. And Phaedra’s. Although at least Phaedra can blame it on having a new baby. I also think Portia needs to go find a job to pay for the huge house she decided to rent because I can’t be the only one that isn’t even remotely interested in her on this show. Her husband was interesting. And by interesting, I mostly mean it was interesting that he didn’t seem to realize the show made him look bad because why else would he have agreed to be on it.

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Marie said...

Five on Friday is a success simply because I've found another reality tv lover! And your daughter's question in #1 (were you ever fun?) killed me.

another jennifer said...

I watched about 5 minutes of Shahs of Sunset the other day, and that's about all I could take. Just a tad pretentious! I was also confused by the Opening Ceremonies being on after competition starts. They do this every year, and every year I wonder why!

Happy Saturday! Visiting via SITS. :)

Savvy WorkingGal said...

When my husband told me I don't seem happy anymore he also said something about me no longer being fun. Oh well, maybe that just happens with age and responsibilities. I don't watch TV - maybe if I did I'd be more fun.

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i NEED the gas to be at least half tank AT MINIMUM or i legit freak out. i think it has to do with my dad who always said that you must have at least a half tank at minimum because you don't want to be stranded somewhere, esp since i'm a girl. so now if my husband doesn't fill the car and i take it and it's 1/4 tank, he will get an earful from me!

Vodka and Soda

Renee Jenkins said...

Your pumping gas story reminded me of one of my own from so long ago. I was in a relationship with a mechanic at the time and he fixed up an old car and gave it to me. After about a week of driving with no problems, one night the car just up and quit on me. In a panic, I called my trusty lover/mechanic. He threw a slew of questions at me to try and figure out what the problem might be. His very last question went something like this: "Renee', when was the last time you put gas in the car?" That was the magic question. I hadn't put gas in the car, 'cause nobody told me those things run on gas!!! I think I'll do a little post about that. LOL Oh, and I also want to thank you for visiting my blog. Stop by whenever you have time for some of my other "short" stories. I know it gets pretty time-consuming out here trying to keep up with so many blogs; and with my stories being a little longer than a typical blog, one has to be ready to relax and curl up with a nice cup of tea to really enjoy. As for your post here,

Shakespeare's Mom said...

I love this. All of it. Well, except that I have no idea who the Shahs are, so I just skipped right to the Real Housewives discussion, because YES. So glad I found your blog on the SITS Sharefest!

Holly said...

Aww! What a comment. Maybe you need to ask him what he thinks a "fun" mommy is like. Might be interesting to hear what he says! #SITSgirls

AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

My kids don't think I'm fun either. Oh well.

I could never get into Shahs of Sunset. I do watch Real Housewives though.

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