I wonder if they have Candy Crush in jail

1. I spent my weekend fighting the urge to eat Cadbury mini eggs and learning how to play Plants vs. Zombies. My husband and son have been addicted to it for awhile. For everyone keeping score at home I am now on Wild West section. I know this is all riveting for people that don’t play that game. I was one of them up until yesterday. I will most likely be one of them again by Friday.

I tend to lose interest if a game on my phone gets too hard. As an example, I gave up Candy Crush at level 169 because it was sapping my will to live. I moved on to Candy Mania. It’s clearly a Candy Crush knock off but get this . . . In Candy Mania, when you get to a bone crushing level, the game sort of throws you a bone and the fates align with great pieces that help you on your way. So you’re never stuck on a level for more than 3 or 4 days.

This is in sharp contrast to Candy Crush hell where you can and will be stuck for months or until you lose your will to live. I deleted it from my phone and my life several months ago. And I am all the better for it. It’s a game on my phone. It’s not a life obstacle I need to overcome.

One of the many nutjob Plants vs. Zombie seen in her natural habitat at CVS shopping for more Cadbury mini eggs. 
2. I also found time over the weekend to Google the hell out of the Real Housewives of New Jersey Guidices who recently pled guilty to fraud charges. Specifically, my over analytical brain felt obligated to read up on all the charges and what the best guess for sentencing will be. Federal sentencing guidelines are pretty specific and it was interesting reading. I also read the indictment. I’m a nerd like that. And it was educational. As an example, if she tries to claim all they did was sign paperwork without reading it, someone should ask her about the fake paystubs that were submitted with the loan application. They should also ask about the lack of tax returns they filed. In what universe does someone think they don’t have to file an income tax return?
Things I have learned about their sentencing: He’s going to jail for 3 to 4 years and hers is up in the air. She plans to argue that she shouldn’t have to do jail time because they have 4 kids and one of them should get to stay with the kids. She tried to get that written into her deal and the government wouldn't agree to it but did allow her to ask the judge to do it. While I’m sympathetic to her kids, there is no justice if that female gets a slap on the wrist. We’re talking about flagrant fraud over multiple years. We’re also talking about a woman so arrogant she went on a television show that is all about flaunting wealth. We’re talking about filing bankruptcy while you are on that show and continuing to attempt to commit fraud and continue to spend, spend, spend.

That offends me. Send them both to prison. Send her first and let him stay with the kids until she’s done. Or send them both at once. I’m just not that sympathetic to her. If your kids suffer, it’s because you brought that on. You made the choices that got you there. No one else. I don’t wish anything bad for her kids. I don’t wish bad things for anyone’s kids. But it just doesn't seem fair that someone without kids would get jail time but because you have kids you get to escape that punishment. What if it was a violent crime? Does that same stupid rule apply to lowering the sentence for someone with a kid. Because if you are violent, it sucks to be your kid but you need to be locked up. I also think parents that make mistakes have a responsibility to their children to show them how to woman up and accept responsibility for your actions.

3. In other Real Housewives news, I’m officially over Kenya and Porsha on Atlanta. Kordell made a little guest appearance and remains just as cray as ever. Too bad there wasn’t anyone there to explain that to him during his scene so he mostly just told us about the great injustice of his marriage. I’m not sure what universe he lives in but there’s very little injustice when the most egregious complaint you can come up with is that his mother in law sat in a chair in his master bedroom eating pizza.  I feel confident he thought he was doing damage control to his reputation in that scene.  I feel confident he's wrong.

4. I successfully turned my ankle Sunday while on my long run. I often fretted about the possibility of turning my ankle while I was training for my marathon. I recall during the cold weather mud run with my husband I told him he’d never hear the end of it if I turned an ankle. Months later, it was an acorn on the sidewalk that got me. Danger lurks around every corner.
Grande Margaritas keep the danger away.  Unless the danger is your husband making weird faces at you. 
5. Naturally, I went ahead and finished my long run despite the turned ankle. It felt okay so I kept going. Later that night, while positioning the ice pack on my foot, I wondered if I should have maybe stopped. Eh. Who knew.

This is the face of a woman that's been drinking a Grande Margarita.  
6. My “long run” was 10 miles. That is a post marathon “long run” which means it’s not 26 miles so it felt relatively short. I haven’t really decided what my idea of “long run” will be moving into the future. It’s important to me to hang on to the ability to run even though I’m going to be trying new things for My Year of Muscle. I fought too hard learning how to run. So I’m not willing to let it go. One theory has been to alternate 6 miles one week and 9 miles the next week. I’m still trying to decide.


Desiree - Finding the Skinny Geek Within said...

I'm about to give up on Candy Crush too. Driving me bonkers. I made it to lvl 242 and have been stuck here for 2 months now. I'm also addicted to PVZ2, Juice Cubes and now Word Chums.

Hope the ankle feels better asap!

The Running Nurse said...

All very good observations I might add! And I am totally jealous about your marathon! Congrats!

Pary Moppins said...

I'm with you on Candy Crush. I will play then walk away for awhile (because I refuse to pay for the privilege of playing a "free" game.) I'll leave it for weeks at a time then come back refreshed and ready to take on whatever devilish new level I need to tackle. :)

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