Last month, I talked about getting my hair cut. Never found time. Never found a hairdresser. Never found a hairstyle. Last week, I saw the photos on Kerflop of the Tea Leoni inspiration picture and how her cut turned out. Loved both cuts and admired her changing up her look. But still no haircut for me. Then one day I spent an entire car ride with my husband pulling split ends off like I had some split end OCD. Just chatting and pulling. That’s when I had a hair epiphany. My hair had become such a sad shaggy mop that there was fundamentally no way for me to look worse after a haircut. Absolutely any cut would look better. I became more scared of not getting a cut than I was of actually getting a cut. So I called up some place in the mall I knew nothing about and let some chick I met two minutes before hack off my hair. When I couldn’t find a photo of a hairstyle online to take with me, I even decided to roll with the Tea Leoni inspiration and found a couple of her cuts I liked. A little bit longer than the Kerflop one but still fresh and smart. And here I am. People have been asking what made me do it. I tell them new year, new me. The part I tend to leave off is that I decided I might feel like less of a loser if I looked like less of a loser. And, I might add, I do.


kerflop said...

I totally do the "cover the flash thing" in the mirror too.

Cute haircut ;)

a happier girl said...

Thanks! For a second, I couldn't figure out why it was signed Kerflop. I'm slow on the uptake. Plus, i've lurked on your blog long enough it's wacky for you to enter my own little domain. Wacky but it totally made my day. Makes me want to stop being such a notorious lurker and try to make someone else's day.

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