My husband headed off to some work related training over the weekend. It’s military-esque law enforcement-y hardcore stuff I guess. Two meals a day will be military rations and they’ll be doing 16 hour days 7 days a week. Last night they announced to his class that they’d be confiscating cell phones and no one could contact home for the next three weeks. I’m told it’s to recreate Hurricane Katrina-like conditions as that’s sort of related to what the training is for. Mostly, I think it’s to wreak havoc on my own personal existence. As it was, I cried when I dropped him off at the airport. Yesterday's surprise no phone call rule about did me in. Dumb old training. I’d like to know who the hell’s supposed to listen to my weekly post-Survivor wrap up now. They just did a tribal swap and that freak Rocky is still on there. And what about my ongoing obsession with who Dannielynn Stern’s father is? I need to worry about that kid at least once a week. Ok, and for real, now Elizabeth Edwards has cancer again and this time it's inoperable. That woman has a 6 year old and an 8 year old. And she already buried a 16 year old son. I'm a mother. She gets mad street cred with me just for getting through that. The whole thing's so sad. And how odd is it that her husband's presidential campaign has become almost frivolous. How can he become president now? And why would we want him to? Doesn't inoperable mean she's dying? How could that not be distracting to him? What about all the time he'll need to put in guiding those kids through the process of losing their mother? And is it wrong that I got lost part way through the Katie Couric interview sucked into some vortex of charm created by his pretty blue eyes and Southern drawl? Politics aside, how lovely would it be to watch him on the news every night instead of Bush? Sigh. See how much rambling I have to do? Do you see? But no one to ramble to.

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