My phone rang

My cell phone rang yesterday for the first time since contact with my husband was cut off 4 days ago. It was not, however, my husband calling. I tried not to sound disappointed when I said “Hi” to my dad. Not having Scott here is lame. Not getting to talk to him is shock and awe. Our three year old daughter has done better than I expected. I thought for sure we’d have some crying. I mean, she’s been known to cry if water drips on her favorite skirt so crying over an AWOL Daddy isn’t that far fetched. But so far she mostly just repeatedly tortures me with lengthy discussions about whether he put his suitcase on the airplane and why he took a bus to the hotel. I play a message he left her on the answering machine and she talks back to the answering machine everyday not realizing it’s the same message from yesterday and the day before. At the end of the message he tells her, “Tell Momma I love her, too.” Last night Georgia immediately turned her head putting us nose to nose and said, “Daddy loves you, too, Momma.” I promptly gave her candy and bought her something expensive.

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