Things That Make Me Happy: Survivor

I’m one of the three people in America that didn’t care when Friends ended. I also don’t set my DVR to record American Idol, Grey’s Anatomy or Heroes. For that matter, I almost spelled it “Gray’s Anatomy” instead of “Grey’s Anatomy” because that’s how off my radar that show is. I do however have an ongoing fascination with Survivor. I’ve watched all 14 seasons and I’ve only ever missed one episode. The night my nearest and dearest friend had a baby I called my husband from the hospital and told him to hit record on the VCR. He said he would then promptly forgot. I had to take a very deep breath to let that one go. Survivor makes me happy. Stupid smile on my face when I realize it’s Thursday happy. Don’t care if the kids tear the entire house apart while it’s on as long as they’re not screaming happy. Tom Westman is my favorite winner because he’s so freakin bad ass but still so nice and I figure he’d make a great neighbor. I think Amber only won because Rob got her there and then bitter losers robbed him of his victory. I think Rupert’s overrated and should seriously trim up his shaggy beard already. I loved the coconut blackberry guy and Richard Hatch and Johnny Fairplay and pretty much anyone prone to dramatic outbursts. They make for very watchable television. I enjoyed Rocky getting voted off last night. His level of drama is a bit much even for me. And he’s rude to people. Drama’s one thing but getting all kinds of mean spirited rude is another. I’m rooting for Earl. Because he’s funny and smart and would be fun to go to happy hour with. I enjoy plenty of other reality show crap as well including Amazing Race, Who’s Wedding is it Anyway?, America's Next Top Model and Flip this House. And I watch The Office. But The Office is neither a reality show nor crap. And Survivor's the only one out of all of them that genuinely makes my day better.

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