I think the caffeine withdrawal is finally ending

I’m on day 6 of no Dr. Pepper. The first couple days involved headaches and high levels of fatigue. I’ve been drinking more water and going to bed earlier. Oh, and let's not forget the ibuprofen I took. Yes, lots of ibuprofen. I’m feeling a lot better. I think. It’s taking some getting used to. I’ve been drinking milk with dinner and I had a small Sprite when we took the kids to McDonald’s on Saturday. Sprite. The horror. But I feel less up and down throughout the day. And I’m starting to have more energy. I used to think people were odd for changing their diet so they could feel better. I mean, if you weren't trying to lose weight, I couldn't figure it out. Now I’m doing it. Weird. But, yeah me! I’m thinking to really feel significantly better I need to reign in my sugar intake too. Sonic Fresh Fruit Slush Friday. Chocolate malt Saturday. Margarita and sopapilla Sunday. Not my best track record. But since it was Dr. Pepper free I’ll take it. One thing at a time.

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