The guy that suggested putting marshmallows in Fruit Loops is a genius

Fruit Loops with marshmallows are yummy. Eat em out of the box dry with no milk yummy. After dinner bowl for desert yummy. Why do they even bother to sell them without marshmallows anymore? I mean, yeah, they’re still tasty without the marshmallows. But what’s the point in tasty when full-on yummy is next to it on the shelf calling to you. I’m not even a big sugary cereal eater. I limit my Fruit Loop intake due to concerns about how quickly I tend to inhale it. Once a year, I break down and buy myself a box. For me, it’s the equivalent of breaking down and buying a box of Twinkies. The rest of the time I mostly eat Kix and Corn Flakes and Cheerios. Sometimes when I’m feeling wild I buy Honeycombs. But Honeycombs recently changed their recipe and now it totally sucks. The texture is different and it’s not quite as sweet and it’s the cereal equivalent of New Coke. I’ve sworn it off until Post publicly swears my box won’t ever contain that crap again. I also once bought a box of Corn Pops. They're okay. Most of the other cereals don’t impress me much. Frosted Flakes seem like Corn Flakes with a bunch of sugar on it. I could do that myself at home. Cocoa Puffs seem too chocolatey and Trix is the ugly stepsister of Fruit Loops. Cookie Crisp intrigues me sometimes. I mean, I like chocolate chip cookies. A lot actually. But the cookie aisle is only like two aisles away so if you get me in the mood for a cookie I start thinking maybe I should just head over there and buy some real ones. I recently bought my annual box of Marshmallow Fruit Loops and let my three year old daughter have a taste. She’s been referring to it as “candy” ever since. If that doesn't say yummy I don't know what does.

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