My Baby Was Sheared

My husband mentioned in passing that he cut our one year old’s hair before he took the kids to daycare yesterday. I was surprised but not terribly concerned. We cut his hair two months ago and it looked great. So great I felt kinda bad for not cutting it sooner. So then Scott mentions that he didn’t think he did a great job this time. That set my radar off. I started worrying that my baby had a buzz cut. My husband’s ex-military. This is a valid concern. But then he says it’s the back he’s concerned about. He thinks it’s a little too short and might stick up. Which is an odd thing to worry about since the front of my baby’s hair like this:

My baby left the house like that. So I started thinking maybe Scott was trimming with the hair pulled to the side and didn’t realize how uneven it would look when it fell forward. Because in my head, part of marriage is giving your spouse the benefit of the doubt at moments likes this. But then, my son walked away from me, and I noticed the back:

Dude, my baby has been sheared. There are 3 or 4 different lengths going on back there. And the sides didn't match either. One ear had hair covering it and the other didn't. I had a haircut similar to this when I was 10. I got ahold of scissors and thought I could cut my own hair. I was wrong. And so was my husband. Because, seriously, hair sticking up is the least of this kid's problems.

Scott would like everyone to know that it's very difficult to cut a one year old's hair by yourself. He would also like you to know that his wife has a great sense of humor and laughed long and hard when she saw her baby's hair. He thinks other men should learn from his example and not mess with their baby mama's pride and joy.

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