Not a good sign

If acknowledging the four Dr. Peppers I drank last Tuesday wasn’t enough to make me start reevaluating my current dietary choices, discovering the night before an important interview that none of my fancy shmancy dress slacks button really kicked things up a notch. On top of that, nothing is open on Easter. I thought maybe the mall would be open in the afternoon. I didn't discover my mistake until I arrived at the empty mall parking lot with my two small children in tow. Because I’m stupid like that. Just the fact that I was going to attempt to shop for last minute pants at a mall by myself with two small children should speak volumes about the level of my desperation. Resigned to my complete lack of options, I ransacked my closet and made do as best I could. I’m hoping it’s not a bad omen for this interview that I’ll be wearing unbuttoned pants disguised by a chic Anne Klein belt and a kickin black jacket I have no intention of unbuttoning. I’m going to disguise the huge blow to my confidence with a big brave smile and a diet that starts tomorrow.

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