Tuesday Morning Weigh In: D-Day

Today’s the day. Yesterday, I let myself have everything my heart desired all day knowing that it would be the last day of that kind for a long time. There was Taco Hell for lunch and lots of Dr. Pepper and shrimp and chocolate pop tarts. It was yummy and remarkably guilt free and now I’m done. I even remembered to weigh myself first thing. I once set myself a deadline to start a diet on a Monday morning only to cast the resolution aside after I forgot to do the initial weigh in. Skipping a Sonic milkshake is not worth it to me unless I can see concrete proof that my weight is going down and pants that button are not enough for me. I like numbers. I like to watch them go down. I weigh everyday when I’m trying to lose weight. It’s a little routine first thing in the morning that reminds me to watch what I’m eating. It’s borderline obsessive and I don’t care that Weight Watchers says I should only weigh once a week. Whatever. Everything else they have to say I really like though. I use their points system and I firmly believe in it. I’ve successfully used it 3 times. Once several years ago when my regular pants size got tight and then following the birth of each of my two children. I loved that I could still have Dr. Pepper on their plan. It just cost me 3 points. My magic number is 163 by the way. That’s 163 pounds. I figure I’ll fess up to that too while I’m at it. Keep me honest. And hopefully motivated. I’m thinking of shooting for 145. It’s a healthy weight that gets me into all of the clothing in my closet and doesn’t require starvation to maintain. I’m not good at starvation. Clearly.

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