Wake Up

It wasn’t the 1 a.m. wake-up call to find a missing rubber ducky in my three year old’s bed that did me in. The duck went flying as soon as I flung the covers back so that actually went fairly quick. However, that was followed by the world's dumbest dog deciding he needed to go outside at exactly 2:13 a.m. Then my one year old decided to get in on the action around 4 . He opted for "get the hell in here don't you care that I'm dying" screaming. I was in the kitchen with him 30 minutes later still trying to figure out how to make him happy when the aforementioned three year old came wandering in to ask what her brother and I were doing. Like we're having a party and we didn't invite her. And with that, she picked up Jack's popcorn popper toy and started popping her way around in the dark with Jack following behind laughing and squealing. Perfect. Three hours later that same stupid rubber ducky came up missing again. I should buy a lottery ticket. It's clearly my lucky day.

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