Bathroom Etiquette

If a bathroom has 10 stalls and only one is occupied, why do girls insist on using the one immediately next to the occupied one? I understand we all kind of get used to using a particular stall and there’s an element of habit involved. But seriously, there are plenty of others to choose from. No one blames you for not wanting to use the third one down on the right. We all know the flusher sticks and you can’t get the thing to stop flushing. That’s a hassle. I’m with you. But what about one of the other 8 identical stalls? Wouldn’t one of them work for you? Am I the only girl in America that enjoys a little moment to themselves in the bathroom? A quiet moment where you put your head in your hands and clear you mind. Not for a long time or anything. Because it's a bathroom for God's sake. But a moment. What’s a girl got to do to get a moment? And yes, I’m talking to you lady from the first floor bathroom with the turquoise sandals who apparently didn’t get the "don't wear hose with sandals anymore" memo. Give a girl some space.

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