There’s no chance in hell you’d confuse Baked Doritos with the real thing but they’re still really yummy

Scott bought us a bag of Baked Doritos over the weekend to go with the Subway sandwiches we picked up. He actually insisted on stopping at the grocery store to run in for them on the way to the Subway. I’m gonna let that cheapskate move slide without comment since the Baked Doritos turned out to be really good. I’m not saying you’ll forget how good the real deal is. But by baked chip standards, nice job Doritos. What I’m going to do is go ahead and inhale the entire bag thereby negating any health benefits I got from eating baked. Kind of like when I'd eat SnackWell’s mini chocolate chip cookies straight from the box like Goldfish crackers because healthy translates to calorie free inside my head. Only nothing is calorie free when you eat the entire box.

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