Four years ago today I shoved cake up my husband's nose

My husband is not perfect. He loses things. He curses. He shears my one year old’s hair while I am at work and leaves him looking uneven and raggedy all day. And one time while I was throwing up in the bathroom at 3 am he left me there and closed the door behind him so he could go back to sleep. But other than that, he’s irreplaceable. I wouldn’t trade him for anything. I don’t just love him. I also like him. My day is better when he’s in it. Especially today. Because today is our wedding anniversary.

My husband feels bad he’s not actually at home for it. I think he should just pretend he’s at home and do what he normally does. Wait until I’ve gone to bed and then go to Wal-mart to buy me a card and leave it on the counter for me to find the morning after our anniversary. Or skip the card entirely. Like I did. Instead of a card, my husband gets the following montage of my favorite photos:

That’s us smashing cake on each other four years ago. Scott claims he was just going to put a cute little touch of icing on my nose. Look at his face. That face does not say cute little touch of icing on the nose. That face says “I’m here to raze your village.” So I preemptively shoved cake up his nose and in his hair. Here's a more normal wedding photo:

I like how mellow I look. Like maybe I just finished watching a good movie or something. Scott on the other hand looks all proud of himself. Like maybe he knows something we don’t. Wacko. Speaking of wacko, here's him giving me a Hannibal Lecter kiss:

Dude’s nuts. But in all the best ways. He has a total zest for life. I admire it. Like this grainy rollercoaster shot:

That’s him in the Coors Light shirt. The man clearly lacks fashion sense. But the full on hands up leaning forward bring it on attitude is all him. He doesn’t just enjoy life. He eagerly runs ahead to meet life and pull it to him. Our life together is all the better for it.

Happy anniversary to us. From me.

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