I had no idea scraped knees could be so debilitating

My three year scraped her knee yesterday. She wanted to be sure I didn't forget so she went ahead and held three refresher courses on the subject at various times throughout the night. The first was about how limping can slow you down on the way to the bathroom. The second involved her blanket touching her knee. And the third was more limping followed by exhausted crying and inability to form sentences. Midway through the third session, I about lost my mind. I think it was during the debate about which new pair of pajamas she should put on. None of them being even moderately acceptable. I had to leave the room to keep from shrieking at her.

Tired. So very tired. Me. Her. Ugh.

The situation being sufficiently out of control by that point, I called my husband long distance and put him on the phone with her. She immediately put on the nearest pajamas and climbed right into bed. She even smiled and told me she was going to sleep.

I wish I could do that. I wish I had the ability to change the whole tone of the moment just by talking to her. But truthfully, at 3 am, it was enough that at least somebody did. Yet another reason I would be lost without my husband. Not to mention a shrieking lunatic apparently.

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