Friday morning love

I love Fridays. I also love this video. Not as much as I love Fridays. But still quite a bit. It reminds me of Marky Mark in The Departed. Only it’s from Human Giant. It's funny despite the fact that it's on MTV.

And I also love the movie Love Actually which I got to watch last night courtesy of my beloved DVR. The movie apparently came out in 2003 but I only recently became aware of its existence. I clearly live under a rock. The rock in question being two small children. But it's really good. Which of course everyone else already knows but oh, well. Hugh Grant is so charming it still makes no sense that he'd need to hire a hooker. And I’d like it to be known that I'd be okay with Liam Neeson’s character adopting me. Just the fact that he’d race a little kid to the airport and then encourage him to run past security to say goodbye to someone says he and I would get along.


Anonymous said...

hugh grant is gay and isn't as good looking nor does he having a winning personality like your loving husband.

complete stranger

Anonymous said...

Not knowing your husband, I would have to agree with the complete stranger.

a happier girl said...

Anonymous 1 and 2 - You are wise. My husband is far superior to Hugh Grant in every possible way. He's also slightly insane and appears to have developed a multiple personality disorder.

Anonymous said...

I think I know your husband, he seems perfectly normal.

complete stranger II

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