Insanely well rested girl

I slept 10 hours last night. In a row. I feel like I could climb a mountain or something right now. Like I could just fling both of my kids into some sort of dual backpack carrier and haul them right up the side of the mountain with me. And forage for berries and build makeshift shelters along the way. Not that I would. Because I’m lazy. But I could if I wanted. But only today. Because I’m pretty sure I’ll be right back where I was tomorrow. Which is tired. And still lazy.

In honor of not being tired, I was completely devoid of any sense of urgency. Got up late, served cereal bars in the car for breakfast and rolled into my 9 to 5 job at noon. Like I care. Because I’m insanely well rested girl. And today rocks. I don't care if it's raining, my son's had a runny nose for a week, his bedroom reeks, and his sister is nuts. And I definitely don’t care that my desk is covered with a million things that had to be done yesterday. Don't care. Today rocks.

I should get this much sleep every night. Imagine all the stuff I could get done. Imagine all the thoughts I’d be able to hold in my head at one time. This is the most awesome Monday ever. Maybe. Sort of. Okay, it probably isn’t. But it feels like it is. Because I am insanely well rested girl.

I should go put insanely well rested girl to work now. She’s remarkably productive. And she does good work. I wish she could stay forever.


Liesl said...

Here's to many sleep-filled nights for Insanely Well Rested Girl! Cheers!

Joy, of course! said...

Oh my how I could have used some of your rest, your energy, your carpe diem zeal today. How great for you. Hope the sleeping streak continues. Hope it's contagious...over the internet.

a happier girl said...

I have high hopes that insanely well rested girl will put in more frequent appearances after my husband gets back in town. He returns from 5 weeks out of state this coming Thursday. In honor of his return, I'll be sleeping late on Saturday and locking myself in the bathroom for long hot showers as often as I want.

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