Mosquitoes Suck

My three year old has Cellulitis. That's a fancy medical term for really, really infected bug bites. We got the bug bites at a nifty new playground. A new playground I now hate with a passion. Because I don’t care that it’s been raining for weeks now and I led my children through the grass rather than on the sidewalk and didn’t use bug spray. It’s clearly the playground’s fault not mine.

So I’ve discovered that Cellulitis can be serious. I guess it can be painful and some kids get fevers. Ours just has swollen body parts and general unwillingness to let anyone other than me look at them. She's on antibiotics. She thinks the antibiotics are awesome. I like to think I contributed to this.

On the way to the pharmacy, I told her she was getting medicine and that it would taste like her favorite candy. And she said, Strawberry? And I was all, Duh. And she was all, Yeah! And then, talk about lucky, the medicine did taste like strawberries and now she keeps asking when she gets to take more. Today she was licking the outside of the medicine dropper like a lollipop trying to get it all off.

I'm okay with that. Because it’s important to find things your kids like. Not to make their lives happier or anything. Although, technically, I’m not against that either. But finding things they like gives you leverage. What started out as medicine has now become a piece of cheese to dangle over her head to get her to clean up her room and go to bed on time. Maybe Cellulitis isn’t so bad after all.


Joy, of course! said...

Either I am in a weird mood or this is the day for funny posts. Yours made me laugh, I am sorry that your daughter has cellulitis (which I have 4 kids and have never even heard of) but so good that you can laugh about it.

Antibiotics as a reward...too funny.

Nins said...

Oooh! I had that not once, but FOUR times last summer. Twice they rigged me up to an IV and dripped antibiotics into me for 3 hours, and the other two times I was on hard core oral antibiotics for two weeks. I agree, it sucks. I douse myself in repellent whenever we go out now.

a happier girl said...

Four times is pretty awful! Our doctor mentioned the IV drip was the next step if the antibiotics didn't work (They did). We're going to be certifiable repellent junkies from now on.

Liesl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I'm always happy to have new friends visit.

Oh, I feel for you. Same thing happened to my oldest last Spring. He got bitten in the corner of his eye by a horsefly, and even with the antibiotics, it was close to a week before he could really open it.

I hope your daughter is better soon.Also, I admire your ability to laugh about this :)

a happier girl said...

Thanks. The antibiotics totally worked. 24 hours after she started taking them the redness and swelling started to go down.

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