Chicken nuggets should not make you cry

Today was a better day. I knew it the moment I opened my eyes. Isn’t it weird how that happens? I just knew it. Nothing special going on. No big events planned. It just felt different and better.

My one year old immediately jumped up and started babbling happily when I opened his door and came in. See, even he knows it’s going to be better, too.

I got everyone into the car without incident, the world’s most annoying dog went into his crate the first time I asked him and I didn’t forget anything. I made jokes, didn't care that I got to work late and made cheery small talk with everyone that crossed my path in the office.

This all being the polar opposite of yesterday. Yesterday being the day I cried on the phone with my husband while driving home rambling incoherently about how every toy we own is laying out on the living room floor and our children eat too many chicken nuggets and our daughter dumped all the clean laundry on the floor and the world’s most annoying dog took a nap on top of it. All perfectly normal things to cry about.

My husband took it in stride. First he reminded me to karate chop the three year old in the throat, beat her with a wire hanger, burn all her toys in front of her and send her to bed with no dinner. Then he pointed out that I was probably just tired and letting little things bother me more than I should. I think it was the chicken nugget related crying that really tipped him off.

I took a big blubbery breath and decided to believe him. And then I got 7 hours of sleep last night. In a row. And I woke up feeling different and better. And now I know he was right.


Joy, of course! said...

This is a day in my life, or two actually. My husband takes it in stride too although, I cannot help but wonder if he knew what he was signing up for. (But this is YOUR blog...so I'll stop there.) Thank you for being so real.

a happier girl said...

It's good that husbands can take these things in stride. I'm not sure my husband knew what he was signing up for either. He still marvels at how much more emotional I am than him.

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