My television viewing is hitting new lows

What does it say about the state of my summer television viewing that I’m looking forward to Pirate Master tonight. Pirate Master. I know. I should not even know what night that show is on let alone be looking forward to it. The problem is there’s nothing else on.

I have been watching The Starter Wife. But I haven’t decided if I’m sold on it yet. The first episode was cute but now the Pond’s product placement is starting to annoy me and I’m not sure how bad I feel for her. She’s rich, pretty and was making out with a hot dude on the beach just days after her husband dumped her. Yeah, it totally sucks your husband ditched you but let’s keep it in perspective, shall we? Although, hot dude on the beach turned out to be homeless and weird. He had this little living area on the beach. It looked sorta like a studio apartment. Except the floor is sand and there’s no roof. He even had a bookcase. With books in it. I guess it never rains in Malibu. Or maybe his books are waterproof.

Pirate Master isn’t completely stupid though. I mean it is reality television which by definition means it’s slightly stupid. But it doesn’t suck. They pick a captain for the ship and he gets lots of money and special treatment while the crew gets nothing. He’s sitting around eating steak and eggs and they’re swabbing the deck and eating gruel. Oh, and they appear to be giving the captain a steady stream of rum. I’m sure it will eventually lead to drunken arguments but so far the captain's mostly kept to himself. Which, honestly, just helps the bitterness and resentment build up in the crew so he should definitely keep doing that.


Joy, of course! said...

Hee, hee, hee. Everytime hubbs and I see an ad for that Pirate show, we groan. We keep wondering who watches this stuff? It's so funny that you actually do. I can't wait to tell him.

I agree though, TV pickings are very slim right now. Pathetic actually. Hubbs and I might have to actually start having conversations at night if things don't improve soon.

a happier girl said...

I know. I seriously made fun of the Pirate show previews too. No one is more surprised than me that I'm watching it. I swear I'm not stupid. I just like stupid television. And I hate watching reruns.

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