8 facts to solidify my reputation as a dork

I lack the focus it takes to sit down and come up with 100 things about myself. I see those lists on other people's blogs and I admire them. Mostly I admire the ability to complete the list. And sometimes they're funny.

Joy tagged me to do a list of 8 random facts or habits about myself. Since I've never been tagged for anything ever before, I think it's kind of exciting. I'm also the sort of person that gets a secret little parenting thrill signing up to bring something for my daughter's class parties. I know. World class dorky.

But I figure 8 things about me puts me 8 things closer to 100 so it's really win-win. I think I'm supposed to tag some other people to do the list too. I'm thinking 8. Only I'm not going to. Not because I'm lazy but because I lack blog self-esteem and I'm a low pressure sales girl. So if you do it, you do it. And if you don't you don't. But let me know if you do though. Because I'm dorky like that, too. Here's mine:
  1. There were 10 people in my graduating class. No really. 10.
  2. Jack Wagner once said my name. At the stage door after a Broadway show my friend got next to him for a photo. Close proximity to Frisco Jones short circuited my brain and I forgot what I was doing. The friend repeatedly said my name and told me to hurry up and take the picture. Jack himself finally got tired of waiting and called my name and told me to take the picture. I like to tell people that she may have a photo but it's my name he knows.
  3. I have no depth perception.
  4. I've been to 2 Barry Manilow concerts. I also liked New Kids on the Block. The NKOTB thing is much more embarrassing. I was a Joey girl.
  5. I cannot remember sequences of numbers. Regardless of the significance of the numbers. It took me years to master my own social security number. I have to keep my ATM PIN number written down somewhere in my purse just in case. Please don't mug me.
  6. I have an odd Rainman-esque ability to do jigsaw puzzles quickly. People think I'm exaggerating until they see me do a puzzle. I'm pretty fast. I wish this were the sort of skill that gets you a raise at work.
  7. My daughter is named Georgia because that's where my husband and I met. It makes me smile every time I tell people that.
  8. I threw a flaming marshmallow on my brother's arm when I was 13. My mother didn't know until 10 years later when I laughingly told the story over lunch to my brother's then girlfriend.


Joy, of course said...

Oh yay! I am so glad you participated.

I can never remember number sequences either. It took me six months to remember our phone number when THe Man and I got married. Thank goodness we have now had the same phone number for eleven years.

I think the story about the marshmallow is very funny. Does he have a scar?

Oh and while we're confessing...I went to a NKOTB concert as well. At least we have dorkiness in common.

Jurgen Nation said...

Oh, Frisco Jones. ME-YOW! I had my soap opera addiction when I was about 7-11 and I very much enjoyed Frisco Jones. All my Ken Dolls were named Frisco Jones. I take that back. All the new, hot Ken Dolls. Once I got a better Ken, he was de-named. I'm fickle.

Thanks for bringing up such a great memory.

(Also, I was a Jordan girl, although I know now that I'm totally a Donnie chick. I mean, not that I still think about NKOTB and who I'd be in love with or anything.)

Jurgen Nation said...

I mean, the old Ken was de-named.

Shit. Ah, well.

*hanging head in shame for responding to my own comment*

a happier girl said...

joy - No scar from the flaming marshmellow. Just a bitter older brother and a funny story.

jurgen - Seriously. Loved Frisco. I know some people remember him from Melrose place but he'll always be Frisco to me.

Damselfly said...

My mother dragged me to a Barry Manilow concert when I was 12. Horror of horrors, my teacher was there and saw me. She gave me every Barry Manilow article she came across for the rest of the school year....

Missi said...

Wow, I have no depth perception too!!

I will do it, but give me a day or too. I am so boring it may take that long to come up with 8 things. lol

And Frisco.. YUM!!

Christy said...

I was a Joey girl too! And my younger sister once threw a spoon at me, I think I would have prefer the flaming marshmallow. Oh, but I made sure my mom knew about it ;)

Anonymous said...

It is ABOUT time I am mentioned on your blog....even though I was only referred to as friend, not even a name. HAHA!

"Kim, take the picture" "Kim" "KIMBERLEY" "KIM TAKE THE PICTURE"

a happier girl said...

Well, well, well. That anonymous commenter appears to be none other than my very near and very dear friend Juliebear! Too funny. Next time I promise to use your name loud and proud. I think I'll start with the story of the dudes on the bus ride back back to New Jersey on that same trip to New York!

Caroline Bender said...

chiming in to admit to 3, 4a, 5, & 6. Nice to meet you. Trolled to you from Suburbia at Large. Stop by any time.

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