I haven't finished the book yet but at least I'm not 101 anymore

Today was the first day of my big new fancy schmancy promotion. I think I’ve been on the verge of crying like five times so far. The first was when my husband ironed and starched my shirt for me while I got ready for work. The second was when my baby girl stood on the toilet and watched me put on mascara.

The day has been hectic and I kinda sorta hate the new job already. But I kinda sorta hate everything new the very first day so I try really hard not to flip out. Things seem a lot less horrific three or four days in. Just the fact that I describe things as being horrific on the first day should give some insight into my ability to overreact inside my head.

My Harry Potter book finally arrived at 4:55 pm Saturday. Which is better than 6:55 but not by much. By the time the book arrived I had finally succumbed to whatever mysterious illness gave my son 102 degree fever earlier in the week. I was 101 and half delirious. I kept going from cold to hot and complaining about when my book was going to get there. At one point I was so cold I was wearing two pairs of socks, a fleece jacket and a scarf. Ok. And maybe I put a sweatshirt around my head when I couldn’t find a winter hat. But, dude, I was really cold.

I managed to rise above the fever long enough to get through the first 500 pages of the book. I have high hopes to finish it tonight. I’m completely and utterly paranoid about someone spoiling the ending at this point so I really need to. We’ll see how my evening goes. So far it’s looking pretty packed. For example, all this work related stress is going to require some extended cuddle time with my husband which may or may not involve China doll crying. Yet another perk of being married to me.


Joy, of course said...

Awwww. Poor thing. I am sorry you are sick, and emotional. I don't do well with new things either. I try hard to plug along and remember that I generally like things better after a week or two than I think I will initially.

I haven't started the new HP book yet. I am rereading 6...STILL. I have been for a week now. I can't seem to find the time between blogging and well...these four kids! Hope tomorrows better.

ms. em said...


just came across your site and can v. much relate to the title:)

i went into Harry Potter hibernation until i finished it. like you, i feared someone revealing something before i finished:)


Christine said...

I am so jealous you got your book at 4:55. Both of ours came with the regular mail man and arrived with the rest of our mail at almost 630. I was so sad, but guess I should be happy that I didn't have to wait until Monday. I have told my husband we can't read ahead on each other and I refuse to watch tv just in case...

Happy Working Mom said...

I hope the job gets better for you and that you feel better soon!

Kirsten said...

Being sick sucks donkey balls. I hope you are feeling better. Happy reading!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously dude, are you pregnant again? I have known you for how many years and you are NOT normally this emotional. I think the emotion train really hit you after Georgia was born and seemed to speed up after baby Jack. Or maybe it is age...HAHAHAHaHA.

How is the reading going?


Christy said...

Sorry you got your book so late. I made (actually my hubby volunteered) to line up at our local book store before midnight to get it! He was slightly grouchy when he returned but it was worth it he said.

As for the job, I can relate. You sound exactly like me sometimes, it really is scary. I am currently freaking out at a job I am just applying for!

Enjoy the end of the book!

a happier girl said...

Thanks for all the well wishes. I'm feeling a lot better today. I have only felt like crying once tops. Although it's still early. Just kidding. For the record, my husband thinks all my crying is because I'm tired. I've been up late everynight reading.

Christine - 6:30 is insane. I personally didn't realize that pre-orders were going to get delivered by the USPS. Had I known I don't think I would have gone pre-order because our mail always comes at 5. Not to mention I wouldn't have spent the day wondering when it was coming.

BFF Juliebear - Yeah, Scott agrees I'm more emotional. Although he thinks it's fatigue related. It's impressive how much kids tire you out. Not that I need to tell you that!

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