I finally found a company I hate more than the cable company

The promotion I got a few weeks ago has been keeping me very busy. So busy I don't even have time to make phone calls. For example, I needed to call Verizon a few days ago to tell them just how much I COMPLETELY HATE THEIR COMPANY. Except people kept dropping by my office. It's one thing to chill on the phone while reading work related emails. Because that's multitasking. But chilling on the phone while there's an actual line forming outside your office door is just kinda lame. I felt obligated to hang up. Stupid conscience.

I sat on hold in traffic instead. Turns out our account was in collections. Except our account is set to automatically charge our credit card. I'm not sure what more they expected me to do to get them their money. Hand delivering gold bouillon seems sort of unreasonable in this day and age.

Being in collections meant I had to pay to get my account out of collections. But collections wouldn't take my credit card over the phone. Which is slightly insane because isn't the whole point of collections to get money from people? No. The point of collections is to annoy you and then transfer you to the payment department.

Once the payment department finally took me off hold they told me they couldn't take my payment without my account number. Only I'm in the car without my number so I'm screwed. I offered to verify anything else on the account but chick did not care. So I gave her the what for and asked to speak to her supervisor. So then some dude got on the line and pretended to be a supervisor and explained that the account number rule was for my security. I told him I was okay with any Tom, Dick or Harry off the street calling him up and offering to pay my bill for me with or without my account number. I mean, don't go giving him my social security number or anything but feel free to take his money if he wants to pay my bill for me. The fake supervisor didn't see my point. So I told him I HATE VERIZON MORE THAN THE CABLE COMPANY AND I REALLY REALLY HATE THE CABLE COMPANY. And then I let him transfer me right back to square one to get the account number.

But. My. Account. Was. On. Autopayment.

Holy guacamole, I hate Verizon.


Christy said...

Wow, you scare me! Too bad it didn't appear to have the same effect on the fake supervisor. Good luck!

a happier girl said...

Yeah, the fake supervisor mostly thought I was annoying. Which is pretty ironic when you think about it.

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