Imaginary friends for my husband

Last night, my husband and I watched Burn Notice. It's our new favorite show that we can both agree on. I think my husband likes the McGyver elements and the witty dialogue. And the fact that it doesn't involve wedding planning.

I have my own favorite things about the show. The first is that the main character is hot. But not young stud hot. He's like late 30s been around the block rugged take care of himself hot. Which I've discovered to be significantly hotter than young stud hot ever since I turned 30 myself.

The second thing I like about Burn Notice is that the main character reminds me of my husband. Some people watch TV to escape their husband. I watch television to find more of him.

I just think my husband's an interesting guy. Funny and blunt. And when he combines the two he achieves a really unique ability to be candid with people without offending them. He's the guy that tells you the dress makes your butt looks big but does it so that it makes you laugh not feel like killing yourself. People like him. And they remember him. We should all be so lucky.

Spotting people that remind me of my husband entertains me. I like to pick out people he could be friends with. People I'm convinced would give him their number after sitting next to him at a bar. The character on Burn Notice is the newest addition to the list. There's also Andrew Dan-Jumbo from While You Were Out and a local DJ. And Kelly Perdew from the second Apprentice. I know. Talk about one from the way back machine. Denis Leary seems like a possibility, too. I'm still trying to decide though. He seems like he might dress too well. And, honestly, his hair's a little long. Which sounds random except my husband calls himself a hippie when his hair gets over his ears. I thinks it's a post military mentality.

I'd love to stay and pick out more imaginary friends for my husband but my children have dismantled my gift bag drawer and appear to be shredding a container of wipes. I must go rule them with an iron fist now.


Michelle said...

Hilarious post : ) I never realized when I was watching TV shows that I do the exact same thing! I also don't know when I'll ever learn to put the box of wipes out of reach...

P.S. I agree that placing the phrase 'stupid people' in the same sentence with 'Larry the Cable Guy' is superfluous. Same goes for Ace Ventura, Austin Powers and the entire cast of Dumb and Dumber.

Like you, my husband and I LOVE the new series Burn Notice (we are also quite partial to House and Monk) and once upon a time, I loved to read. I have a fondness for Gone with the Wind (I've read it at least 5 times - afraid I've lost count). Other favorite authors include: Austin, Alcott, Wharton, Charlotte Smith, all things Bronte, Henry James, Wilkie Collins (his early stuff only) and Anne Radcliffe. Nice to know there is someone like you in the blog world : )

Anonymous said...

You are banned from this show, but I will of course check on Fiona

a happier girl said...

Thanks. I'm glad to hear someone else is watching the show! We think it's really good. Smart and funny. And how much do I love that you've read Gone With the Wind 5 times! I love that book. Makes me miss reading more. It's actually one of the things I miss most since having children.

anonymous - Greetings, my sweet. Fiona is a very attractive woman. I'm sure it's the same similarities between her and I that you find attractive. Which just makes me love you more.

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